Antigua Villas

Antigua villas house vacationers who are looking for an alternative to a hotel room whether they seek additional space, privacy, or both. Along with its sister island of Barbuda, these lovely Caribbean islands offer a wide variety of beautiful vistas and places to stay after the sun sinks below the turquoise waters. After a full day of fun, Antigua and Barbuda villa rentals provide you with a place to relax in style.

Beach villas in Antigua and Barbuda are wonderful places to stay when you're looking to relax and watch the scenery. Just steps from the silky white sands, you'll find everything you need to enjoy a relaxing vacation: cozy linens and plenty of places to stretch out. Many of the villas are well equipped with modern conveniences such as flat-screen TVs, marble bathrooms, and air-conditioned comfort. Several have well-stocked kitchens, so you can take dining at your speed, which is especially helpful for picky eaters and those who really love to cook.

Another benefit of a villa rental in Antigua is convenience. When your accommodations are just steps from the beach, you can visit whenever you want without worrying about planning ahead. If you want to go for a short stroll as the sun is rising or go for a quick afternoon dip, the blue waters of the Caribbean are right there, close to your villa rentals in Antigua.

While the majority of Antigua villas are located right on the beach, you'll also find these places to stay among the cities. St. John's, the islands' capital city, is the first place many travelers see on their flights or cruises. Its stately Georgian-style buildings date from the era when the British sailed the high seas. The city offers a wide array of interesting things to do and places to stay, including shopping, casinos, and live entertainment. Its mix of places to stay include hotels, resorts, and several different villa rentals in Antigua.

Both in St. John's and other places on the islands, villas rentals in Antigua are part of resorts or they stand on their own. Many of the larger resorts, especially the all inclusive properties, offer a variety of places to stay, including typical hotel rooms, luxury apartments, and beachfront villas.

Other times, individual houses are available for rental; a variety of realty companies take care of renting these Antigua villas. Often, the package price includes the villa as well as maid service and utilities. Some of the individual villas offer private pools and cooks, even airport transfers. The details can be discussed when making reservations.

Antigua's sister island of Barbuda is just a 90-minute ferry ride from the wharf in St. John's. The small island feels like a tropical paradise with both pink- and white-sand beaches, groves of mangrove trees, and peaceful lagoons. While the island feels secluded, it's not short on modern comforts. From the window of your comfortable Barbuda villa rentals, you can admire the amazing scenery before going out to explore.

As on Antigua, Barbuda villa rentals offer a diverse array of options for travelers. You'll find luxury villas with abundance of style as well as secluded accommodations overlooking the ribbon of beaches and the blue waters of the Caribbean. Barbuda's resorts also offer villa rentals as an option for their visitors.

On both islands, villas provide a comfortable, cozy, and chic places to enjoy your vacations.

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