Aruba Cruises

Cruise to Aruba
Cruise to Aruba

Cruises to the Caribbean continue to grow in popularity and are one of the most relaxing ways to see the region. Especially for anyone wishing to see more than one island, a cruise is an excellent option. While you will spend more time on your cruise ship than at any one island, a cruise will deliver you to an array of tropical paradises and offer you a lot of fun while onboard as well. Cruises to Aruba are no exception. Cruises in Aruba offer the perfect way to relax while someone else takes care of your itinerary and needs.

Aruba Cruises
Aruba Cruises

Many major cruise lines offer Aruba cruises, including Holland America, Princess Cruise Lines, and Royal Caribbean International. Cruises to Aruba often leave from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, Florida, and set sail for anywhere from 3 days to a month, although most cruises are 3 to 9 days. Longer itineraries include more destinations, but usually cruises to Aruba will include the most nearby islands of Curacao and Bonaire, but also frequently stop in the Bahamas or Virgin Islands. Most cruise lines have easy to use websites that make choosing the itinerary of your dreams just a few clicks away.

Once on your cruise ship, you will discover a world designed specifically to entertain you. Dining options usually range from snack bars to full-course dining. Most cruise ships offer room service if dining with the masses is not your style. Onboard activities cater to every interest, usually including fitness or yoga programs, spas and massages, pools, games, live music and shows, or even blackjack.

Of course, the best part of a cruise is docking and exploring a new island. Aruba cruises typically dock in the capital city of Oranjestad. Disembark and explore on your own or go along on one of the cruise line's planned shore excursions if you want a more direct approach. Because the main Aruba cruise port of Oranjestad has so many things to do, Aruba cruises feature a long list of exciting shore excursions, including kayaking, snorkeling, 4-wheeling, visiting specific attractions such as the Butterfly Farm, or taking a tour of the area. Oranjestad has some of the best shopping in the Caribbean, and the island of Aruba is also known for its many casinos. Cruises in Aruba dock close to the Palm Beach area where both shopping and gambling can be found, along with great beaches.

Cruises in Aruba offer a great way to experience this island and other destinations around the Caribbean, all while relaxing and traveling in complete style.

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