Aruba Hotels

Hotels in Aruba
Hotels in Aruba

Aruba has a warranted reputation of being one of the party capitals of the Caribbean region. Along with Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Antigua, there's usually something for you to do at any time of night. Aruba also has a reputation for lavish accommodations. This reputation is equally warranted. The southwest coast is where it's at - two main boulevards house a ridiculous concentration of the resorts in Aruba, the more posh ones lying the further you get from the main city of Oranjestad.

Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino

Renaissance Aruba
Renaissance Aruba

L.G. Smith Boulevard is the cheaper of the two, and runs through the heart of Oranjestad. Many of the resorts in Aruba that you find here conform to the same description: spacious rooms, high prices, beachside bars and a million other vacationers to share your accommodations with. It's not that you have much choice, though. Aruba is a resort island - there's just not enough space for a lot of hotels in Aruba too. There are some, obviously, but most visitors head to Aruba with the images of posh resorts in their eyes. But there are few all-inclusive resorts in Aruba, meaning that you have to be careful when you think you've found a deal at one of the Aruba resorts that claim low prices - everything you want will be extra. The other thing that is everywhere along the boulevard are combination Aruba resorts and casinos. If you are staying at a resort, there's a good chance there's a thriving casino attached. Nightlife revolves heavily around dancing and gambling, which is why wave after wave of spring breakers hit the island's shores every year. The Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino is one of the nicest you'll find, with the added bonus of being located almost directly in downtown Oranjestad.

But that is nothing compared to what you'll find on J.E. Irausquin Boulevard. Like a Caribbean Las Vegas, but with more bikinis, this street is just waiting to assist you with stimulus overload. It's this street that defines the island, for better or worse. The Aruba resorts and casinos seem to stretch into the ocean and past the breakers. Here you will also find the handful of thriving all-inclusive Aruba resorts, such as the Tamarijn and the Divi.

MVC Eagle Beach

MVC Eagle Beach
MVC Eagle Beach

If you are dead set on avoiding the resorts and staying in one of the few hotels in Aruba, you have your work cut out for you. There are only a few and they are often booked well ahead of time. The MVC Eagle Beach is one of the few that has been allowed to coexist on the beach with all the resorts. Since those establishments steal all the glamour and fashion from the island, the hotels in Aruba don't often bother trying to keep up. If you really want to stay away from Aruba's main drag, try the Vistalmar, just south of Oranjestad. Free snorkel gear and breakfast almost make up for its distended location, and many visitors prefer it that way.

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