Aruba Tours

ATV Aruba
ATV Aruba

After arriving in a new country, one of the easiest ways to get acquainted with your surroundings is to take a tour. Tours of Aruba come in all shapes and sizes and travel over ground, into the ocean, and even into the sky. Choose your favorite method of travel and get your Aruba sightseeing done in style, and with a professional guide to make sure you don't miss any of the good stuff.

Aruba Tours
Aruba Tours

One of the most exciting ways to see any scenery, let alone the gorgeous blue oceans and rugged terrain of Aruba, is by helicopter. Aruba helicopter tours are available out of Oranjestad and travel over the many different types of terrain on the island--land and sea. See the shipwrecked Antilla (a German frieghter wrecked in WWII) from the air, or fly over many popular sites along the beaches and on ground, including the Alto Vista Chapel and the Natural Pool. To really spice up your stay on the island, why not try getting to dinner via Aruba helicopter tours? Some companies also offer smaller personal tours like this. If your itinerary includes other islands as well, many other Caribbean islands have helicopter tours, too, including Antigua, St. Lucia, and the Grand Caymans.

While it might seem that tours of Aruba can't get better than taking a helicopter, other modes of transportation have their time in the sun as well. Much of the island is covered in rough terrain and hard to travel roads so jeep tours are also popular. Most tours by jeep travel in caravans and often include lunch or a snorkeling side trip. Even off-road monster truck tours can be found for anyone really seeking a rush. Another option for over-ground tours of Aruba are bus tours. Some Aruba bus tours take groups around the island, including dinner, and then off to a bar hop in the evening, while other companies offer more standard Aruba bus tours of specific attractions or areas of the island.

Aruba tours also go by sea, both above and below water. Dinner cruises and sailboat tours are popular romantic tour methods and often sailboats and dinner cruises will operate during Aruba's amazingly colorful sunset. Actual submarine tours are an excellent way to check out the amazing sea life around the island without worrying about learning to snorkel or scuba. Some companies offer other creative ways to go under water in vehicles or space-suit-like aparati that keep you dry and comfortable and breathing. Whatever you can imagine is probably available from one of the Aruba tour companies on the island. Ask at your hotel information desk for more details.

Whether you're after Aruba helicopter tours, Aruba bus tours, or any other way to get around and get to know this small but interesting island, Aruba has something that will appeal to you.

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