Baby Beach

Baby Beach
Baby Beach

Baby Beach, located at the southeast corner of Aruba, is a man made lagoon that has become a rather popular destination for locals and visitors alike because of its calm and shallow waters.This area was once called "The Colony" or "Lago Colony" because executives from the 1950s Esso oil plant lived here in an exclusive gated community. Today, this oil refining site is known as the Valero Refinery, which is visible from the beach. However, because of the direction of the currents, the beach and its waters remain free of any possible pollution from the refinery.

This particular stretch of sand is known as Baby Beach, not for its size but for the safe waters that are a most inviting characteristic for children to play. Additionally, the calm water creates a perfect setting for inexperienced snorkelers to enjoy the experience of being near the local sea animals in safety. The beach is located on the opposite end of the island from Palm Beach and Oranjestad. Most of the hotels are located on the western tip of the island, but getting from one end of the island to the other is a matter of less than 30 minutes by car. At the beach are a couple casual restaurants and a dive shop.

Almost in every location of Baby Beach, the water comes up to an adult waist, except for the inlet, where the water becomes considerably deeper and where much of the best snorkeling is to be done - this is also the best place for scuba diving. In addition to a variety of small fish, some of the marine animals to look for while snorkeling at Baby Beach include eels, angelfish, squid, barracuda, parrot fish, and blowfish - and there is plenty of living coral. Lying beneath the shade of a beach palm hut, sifting toes in the powder white sand, or dipping in the just-cool-enough turquoise blue waters, or enjoying a snack or refreshment from one of the stands, Baby Beach remains a popular location for many for a variety of reasons, especially for the gorgeous and non-touristy beach atmosphere, appealing to almost any vacationer with sandy shores on the mind.

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