Aruba Casinos

Casinos in Aruba
Casinos in Aruba

Just like Las Vegas, but better because there's a beautiful blue sea surrounding the island on all sides, Aruba is known for its casinos. Just as glitzy as Vegas, Aruba casinos are often themed, but only some are open 24 hours a day. Many are also open from midday to dawn instead. Features at the casinos in Aruba vary, but usually include slots, video poker, blackjack, Caribbean stud, craps, and roulette. Caribbean stud poker was invented in Aruba casinos in 1988 and has a progressive jackpot to make things more exciting than your usual round of cards. Some casinos also have restaurants or dance clubs. The legal Aruba gambling age is 18 and US currency is the currency of gambling here.

So how do you choose which casinos in Aruba to spend your afternoon or evening at or merely pop in for a look? Many hotels are casino resorts in Aruba so the nearest casino may be attached to your chosen place of lodging. Like almost everything else, the best Aruba casinos are located in Palm Beach and Oranjestad. Here is a selection of the most well known casino resorts in Aruba.

The Alhambra is one of the original casinos in Aruba. It is a standalone casino, but is located close to the Divi Village and within walking distance of most of the low-rise resorts. Alhambra has many cash giveaways, prizes, and tournaments, a magic show, dining options, and the island's only nighttime shopping plaza.

Casablanca casino is attached to the Westin in Palm Beach. The dÉcor is classic, echoing the movie Casablanca. Complimentary drinks and live bands keep the atmosphere light and fun while you partake of the usual assortment of slots, blackjack, craps, and roulette. This Aruba hotel and casino promises a great evening out.

Copa Cabana is another Aruba hotel and casino combo; this one is attached to the Hyatt Regency. The theme is carnival in Rio and this is one of the more popular places in town.

Crystal Casino

Crystal Casino
Crystal Casino

The Crystal Casino attached to the Renaissance is decked out Monaco style, while Excelsior Casino at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Aruba hotel and casino is rumored to be a celebrity hangout. The Seaport Casino at the Renaissance is the only beachside casino in town. Stellaris Casino at the Marriott is the largest casino on the island and also features entertainment and dancing each night. The Casino at the Radisson Aruba hotel and casino has a starlit dome over the gaming floor. And finally the Occidental Grand is one of the all inclusive resorts in town and also has a casino.

If you are traveling to more than one Caribbean island and are interested in continuing your lucky streak across the sea, there are several islands that also have casinos. The Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Antigua. Closer to Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire also have gambling.

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