Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach
Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Aruba, and is the idyllic long stretch of sugar white sand that is home to the resort town of Palm Beach. To the north of Eagle Beach is another long stretch of sand called Palm Beach. Between the two is a lagoon and the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. Many of the high rise resorts have taken over the skyline of Palm Beach, while the smaller, low rise resorts and hotels reside on Eagle Beach. Palm and Eagle Beach are located only a mile or so from the capital of Oranjestad, and their primary function is that of a tourist resort. These two stretches of sand span almost the entire length of the island.

Eagle Beach is considered not only the best of the Aruba beaches, but also one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Sparkling clear waters, shady picnic areas, and scenic palm huts spread over the stretch of Eagle Beach, where many visitors gravitate for its spaciousness and accessibility. Rated among the best beaches in the world, the soft white sands reach far out into the sea. As for parking and walking distances, Eagle Beach is very accessible from the Palm Beach resorts. With more of a breezy atmosphere. The far ends of Eagle Beach and Palm Beach both tend to receive more wind, causing the waves to rise and the sea is not quite as calm as that in the middle near most of the resorts. The entire stretch of white sand and azure waters is surely a pleasure to experience, and depending on the mood, both beaches can provide an ideal setting for the perfect vacation.

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