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A combination of Dutch, Spanish, and Caribbean cultures comes together in the Aruban capital of Oranjestad, located on the western half of the island. Staying in Oranjestad means great access to the white sand beaches, including the very close by Palm Beach. Many beaches here have activities including water sports, fishing, and snorkeling, but Oranjestad also has excellent dining and shopping options. Additionally, this city has a range of hotels and resorts to choose from. Because this is a vacation spot, finding Oranjestad hotels at budget prices may be tough, but keep an eye on prices in the summer for deals as good as they get.

Hotels in Oranjestad are accustomed to tourists and visitors and even the more basic ones offer a comfortable stay. And if you want more than comfortable, the range goes all the way up from hotels to resorts to luxury resorts. Resorts labeled as all-inclusive up the ante just a bit more and provide you with a truly memorable vacation experience. Decide on the amenities you want ahead of time. Is a pool important to you or is the beach your style? Do you want water sport equipment rentals offered at your hotel? Do you want one of the many casinos nearby or even one on the premises? Oranjestad resorts cater to all tastes.

MVC Eagle Beach Hotel

MVC Eagle Beach Hotel
MVC Eagle Beach Hotel

For basic, but comfortable and close to a beach, check out the MVC Eagle Beach hotel. This hotel has no pool or fitness center, but does have a tennis court, a kid's pool and playground, and the rooms are comfortable. Frequently one of the most reasonably priced of Oranjestad hotels, MVC is located directly across from Eagle Beach. Also close to Eagle Beach on J.E. Irausquin Boulevard is one of the Oranjestad resorts with better room rates, the Aruban Resort and Casino. The Aruban has a bar and restaurant, a multilevel pool with waterfalls and a swim up bar, walking and jogging trails, water sports, a spa, and a casino.

Other Oranjestad hotels include a small chain of Divi hotels, including Dutch Village, which harkens to Aruba's Dutch and Spanish background in its décor. The Divi Dutch Village offers no cost for children under 15 if staying with an adult as well as lots of entertainment and activities for children as well. But for the adults, restaurants, water sports, and access to the amenities of the neighboring Divi resorts are all available.

Oranjestad Hotels - Aruba Bucuti
Oranjestad Hotels - Aruba Bucuti

Another option for Oranjestad resorts include Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino on L.G. Smith Boulevard near much of the shopping and entertainment in town. This resort has both adults-only and family friendly sections, features a casino, bars and lounges, theaters, pools, and a wide array of shops. Other resorts to look into in the Oranjestad area include the Divi Village, Costa Linda Beach Resort, Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, or the Aruba Bucuti.

Aruba, like Jamaica or Antigua, is well populated by resorts, but more intimate places to stay are available. If you find Oranjestad resorts too big or rooms at hotels in Oranjestad just don't fit your group, also look into beach villas. With so many beautiful beaches, villas are a great option for more privacy or for groups needing more space.

Hotels in Oranjestad are varied and offer accommodations ranging from casual and small to resort casinos, from kid friendly to adults only. No matter what your vacation needs you can find your dream lodging in Oranjestad Aruba hotels.

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