Things To Do In Aruba

Aruba activities and attractions are geared toward almost every interest. There are many things to do in Aruba, from golf and shopping to gambling and nightlife. Many of the best Aruba attractions are outdoors, but this is expected — few places on earth can compare to the pure beauty of the Caribbean Islands.

Water Activities

Things To Do In Aruba
Things To Do In Aruba

Given that this is an island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, it's no wonder that water activities are popular Aruba activities. The entire Caribbean is perfect for both scuba and snorkeling, but Aruba, like St. Martin and parts of the Virgin Islands, is known for quality snorkeling. Water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are also great Aruba attractions. Many hotels have equipment for rent, but if yours doesn't there are many companies located near the beaches with equipment as well.


Tierra del Sol Golf Course
Tierra del Sol Golf Course

The steady sunny days of the Caribbean make this region perfect for golf year round. The Half Moon Resort in Jamaica is one of the most popular, but Aruba attractions also include golf courses. Tierra del Sol on the northwest tip of the island is a world-class course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, and includes a golf clinic for both beginners and experienced players.


Aruba Shopping
Aruba Shopping

If you have any shopping tendencies at all, the best Aruba tourist attractions for you are the stores. While hotels and minimalls all over the island offer opportunities to drop some cash, the finest shopping experience is found in the capital city Oranjestad. Specifically, check out the Royal Plaza Mall, Seaport Village Mall, and Seaport Marketplace.


Due to the variety of deep sea fish in the area, chartering a boat and going on a fishing excursion is one of the popular things to do in Aruba. Hiring a local fisherman to take you out is usually not difficult, but if you want to charter your own boat it's wise to reserve one in advance. Sailfish, shark, barracuda, and tuna are just some of the fish located in the warm waters around the island.


If spending an extended period of time seeing Aruba attractions is not important to you, Caribbean cruises are always popular and allow you to combine a number of island destinations into one trip.

Gambling and Nightlife

Casinos in Aruba
Casinos in Aruba

Like Las Vegas, gambling is one of the prime Aruba nightlife activities. Glitzy and glamorous casinos are found near or in many resorts, especially in Oranjestad. Unlike Vegas, not all of the casinos are open 24 hours a day. More often, slots open at 11 a.m. and table games throughout the morning up to 1 p.m.


Seeing Aruba via a guided tour can be much more active here than what you might expect. Hike, kayak, or quad your way through the scenery. Go on a sailing tour and see the island from the water, or explore the past on an archaeological or geological tour of the island.


If your time in Aruba includes Oranjestad, there are a few museums in the capital worth seeing. The Historical Museum explores the island's distant past up through its Dutch and Spanish periods, while the Archaelogical Museum goes back to Aruba's original natives. The Numismatic Museum looks at a collection of 30,000 coins from Aruba and the world.

Sailing, Boating, or Submarining

Aruba Sailing
Aruba Sailing

For sailors or boat lovers of any sort, most things to do in Aruba will pale in comparison to boating here. With crystal blue waters and warm trade winds, taking a moment or your entire stay on the water is highly enjoyable. Charter your own boat or climb aboard a tour. Guided tours cater experiences to different tastes, including a sunset cocktail sail or romantic moonlit voyage. Atlantis Submarine offers a dive to see the reefs near Aruba in a truly unique way.

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