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The entire island of Aruba is a mere 21 miles long and has overall 75 square miles of land. At this size, no matter where you stay on the island, exploring every nook and cranny of it is entirely possible if you so choose. There are several Aruba transportation options, including riding the local busses, taking a taxi, renting a motorcycle or a scooter, or checking out car rentals in Aruba. All of these options have their pros and cons, typically revolving around cost and level of freedom.

If you'd like to see different parts of the island without abiding by anyone else's schedule or driving habits, an Aruba rental car is the best option. Aruba car rentals are easy enough to find at the airport or in towns, and many of the chain rental companies operate here. Private companies are also in business, but keep an eye out on extra charges if you go this route. When choosing your Aruba rental car, consider a four-wheel drive vehicle as many roads on the island (as with most of the Caribbean islands) are rough. Some tips to make your Aruba rental car experience smoother — Arubans drive on the right side of the road, minimum age to rent a car varies from 21 to 25, most companies require that you have an international license or a license that has been valid for at least 2 years, and usually a refundable deposit or an open credit card is required.

Car Rental Aruba
Car Rental Aruba

Equal to Aruba car rentals in freedom, and perhaps the best option to really enjoy the Caribbean sun are motorcycles and scooters. All you need is a regular driver's license. Helmets are provided. Rental companies are located in the towns, but especially in Oranjestad. A Harley rental company is located on L.G. Smith Boulevard in Oranjestad if you really want to go all out.

If the rough roads or exploring on your own does not appeal to you, choose a taxi over an Aruba car rental. Taxis most concentrated in the cities, namely Oranjestad and San Nicolas, and typically do not have meters so make sure you know the rate when you get in. Many companies also offer tours.

By far the cheapest option for your Aruba transportation needs is to simply ride the local busses. The main lines are run by a government company titled creatively Arubus, but private lines and minibuses. While these won't take you out on the back roads of the island, busses will transport you efficiently between Oranjestad, San Nicolas, Palm Beach and other beaches, and the hotel zones. Bus stops are even located near the airport. Ask at your hotel for schedule information.

The Aruba transportation system is relatively efficient and has options for any budget. Getting around Aruba via car, bus, scooter, or motorcycle is the perfect way to branch out and see more than your hotel and the beach.

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