The Bahamas are one of the Caribbean's biggest draws, and a trip to Bahamas is synonymous with soft white sands, moderate weather, and some of the most luxurious resorts found anywhere in the world. The islands offer a chance to scuba dive, snorkel and fish in one of the most idyllic settings imaginable. In addition, tourists can view historical sites and local markets for a taste of the traditions of the islands. Bahamas vacations will likely only continue to grow in popularity.

The Bahamas are an archipelago with more then 700 islands, about 30 of which are inhabited. Some of the most popular islands for Bahamas vacations include Paradise Island, Harbour Island, Abaco Island, Andros Island, Grand Bahama Island, San Salvador Island and Long Island. A Bahamas vacation to any one of these islands can be delightful, but there are certainly varying styles with each. Resort islands such as Paradise Island cater to travelers looking for luxury and activity. Some of the smaller, more remote islands like San Salvador service guests who want to escape the modern world and spend some quiet time on a beautiful beach.

A trip to Bahamas can be great any time of the year, but there are some weather and seasonal considerations. Hurricane season begins in June and ends in November, and in general the spring and summer tend to be rainy and colder then the winter. Winter is easily the busiest season for a trip to Bahamas, and tourism in the Bahamas during the winter will drive prices up. Higher costs can be avoided by avoiding travel during the winter. Temperatures are moderate throughout the year, usually ranging between 60 and 80 degrees depending on the season.

Another reason tourism in the Bahamas has become so popular is the number of unique wildlife activities available on a trip to Bahamas. Eco tours, dolphin swims, wildlife treks and open air marinas are just a few of the incredible sites found throughout the Bahamas. The Bahamas are also a particularly excellent place for bird watching, as it is a point of migration for many birds and temporary home to many more. Booking tours of any kind is easy to do. You can book your tour in advance of your trip with a travel package or through a travel agent, or simply speak to hotel staff once you arrive in the Bahamas.

Spring break in the Bahamas is another popular way to enjoy the islands. Spring break in the Bahamas happens to fall during the slowest season for travel in the Bahamas, and students and other folks traveling in the spring will have a chance to take advantage of competitive rates for hotels, flights, and tours. When booking a trip for spring break in the Bahamas, you will get the best deal if you book a travel package. Many companies offer spring break trips that cover everything from transportation to food and drinks.

Whether you plan a fishing or golfing trip to the Bahamas, or simply travel hoping to find a quiet retreat, the Bahamas is truly a tropical paradise. Calm beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, excellent diving opportunities and some very friendly people are waiting you to the Bahamas.

Top image: Numinosity (Gary J Wood) (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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