Abaco Islands

The Abaco Islands in the Bahamas are a group of islands located in the northern section of the Bahamas. The two main Abaco Islands, Great Abaco Bahamas and Little Abaco Bahamas, are where tourists will find the most popular attractions. The Abaco Islands have become a popular destination due to the great sailing and fishing available in the area, and travelers generally come looking to avoid the mega resorts found on Paradise Island or in Nassau.

Abaco Island diving trips is one of the most popular attractions to the islands. Walkers Cay, Treasure Cay, Marsh Harbour, Green Turtle Cay, and Elbow Cay are all great places for Abaco Island diving. Abaco Island diving trips for experienced divers and those hoping to learn can be booked through any hotel on the islands or directly through a diving company in advance. Diving companies will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, and usually provide lunch if you'll be diving for the entire day.

Although Marsh Harbour is the principal settlement and capital, Hope Town and Treasure Cay are also popular tourist destinations. Sailing around and from any of these Abaco Bahamas cities is a major attraction in Abaco. Abaco boat rentals for private tours, yacht trips, or other adventures are widely available. The ocean, reefs, and beaches found in the Abaco Islands are truly unlike any other. You can book an Abaco boat rental in advance as part of a travel package, or of course you can always contact someone at your hotel. You can even get Abaco boat rentals with your own crew for a tour of the area to fit your every whim.

Recent years have also seen the emergence of private villas as an alternative to hotel stays. Abaco Towns by the Sea is the most prominent example of this sort of trend. At Abaco Towns by the Sea, the feel of a luxury resort meets the comfort of having your own space. Abaco Towns by the Sea units feature their own kitchens, decks, and other private amenities, just as if you were staying in a condo. The cost can be higher then that of a hotel, but for families and travelers who are planning an extended trip to the Bahamas they can be an excellent choice.

To plan your trip to the Abaco Islands you can either fly or travel by boat. There are three airports located in the Abaco Islands; found in Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay, and Walker's Cay. If you'll be staying at a hotel outside of those cities, you can travel to your final destination by boat or via taxi. Taxis meet every flight that comes into the airports, so you'll always have a ride if your hotel doesn't offer airport shuttle service. Taxi rates are not metered and reasonable priced. If you choose to take a boat, it will likely be a ferry. The main ferry service for the Abacos is Albury's Ferry Service, and you'll find them by asking your hotel or contacting them directly.

Whether you plan to enjoy the Abacos by sailing, snorkeling, diving, or simply relaxing on the soft white beaches, the islands are the perfect choice for travelers who want to experience the natural side of the Bahamas. Free from the huge casinos and view-obstructing resorts, the Abacos are a quiet retreat.

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