Flights To The Bahamas

Searching for flights to the Bahamas is the first stage of in vacation planning that does not include a cruise to the Bahamas. Flights to the Bahamas can be scheduled through a number of different carriers from all over the world. If you are planning to schedule flights to the Bahamas as part of various travel packages to the Bahamas you will want to shop around with a few different carriers to ensure you are getting the best deal for hotel and/or flight travel packages to the Bahamas.

From the mainland the major carriers making frequent flights to the Bahamas include American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, Air Canada and British Airways. British Airways does offer four flights per week that run directly from London to Nassau, and a myriad of non direct flights. Air Canada is possibly the only Canadian airline with flights from Canada to Nassau, and direct flights leave daily from Toronto and Montreal. There are US airlines make daily trips both direct and non-direct to Nassau and Freeport. Many flights connect in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Bahamasair, the national airline of The Bahamas also makes daily trips between Florida and The Bahamas.

Finding a cheap airline ticket to the Bahamas is possible through a number of carriers. For a cheap airline ticket to the Bahamas you can also try planning your trip during the summer. During the summer, a cheap airline ticket to the Bahamas can be booked on its own or as part of a travel package. Due to the humidity and precipitation of the summer prices are lower during these months for flights, hotels and tours.

If you plan a cruise to the Bahamas you may still need to fly out to the cruise's departure destination. During the busy season there are cruise lines that leave for the Bahamas from New York and the Virginia coast, but during the slower season you will only find a cruise to the Bahamas from the Florida coast. Unless you already live on the Florida coast, chances are you will need to catch a flight to get there. All major airlines will be able to get you to the popular airport in Miami. Check with your cruise company to try and combine the cost of your cruise with the cost of your flight. Often times cruise companies purchase plane tickets in such bulk that they are able to offer them to customers at a discounted price.

If you plan to fly between any of the islands, more specifically, to the outer islands, there are some small aircrafts that can do the job. American Eagle, US Airways, and Chalk's Ocean Airways are your best bets for finding intra-island flight options. Note that the planes used will usually be 12-18 passenger planes, often water planes that do not move as fast as the larger jet you may have taken from Miami. Flights between islands can also be surprisingly expensive, depending on the time of year.

Since multiple companies fly frequently to the Bahamas you should have no trouble finding a flight to fit your needs, even in the slower summer season. Knowing when to go can greatly aid in finding a discounted ticket, as can purchasing a travel package. Be sure to plan ahead and look into the tours or top things to do for your vacation.

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