Andros Island Bahamas

Andros Island Bahamas is the largest island in the Bahamas and the closest island to the Florida coastline. Andros Island is famously the last island in the Bahamas that is still largely unexplored, undeveloped, and uninhabited. Flamingos migrate here every year, and a host of incredible tropical wildlife covers the island. Tourists who want to see animals in their natural habitat should come to Andros Island Bahamas, as should fishing and scuba diving enthusiasts.

Andros Island Bahamas was settled by the Spanish in 1550 who hoped to conquer the people natives. The Lucayan people who inhabited the island were almost completely wiped out by disease and fighting. Later, pirates occupied the island along with loyalists from the United States who continued to pay tribute to the British Crown. Nicholl's Town, Congo Town and Andros Town are the largest and most popular towns in the islands.

One of the main attractions to Andros is the Andros Island barrier reef. The Andros Island barrier reef is the third largest reef in the world (after reefs located in Australia and Mexico) and home to a plethora of fascinating sea life. The two sides of the Andros Island barrier reef offer adventure for the beginner and the more experienced diver. The shore side of the reef is quiet, calm, peaceful, and perfect for those who desire to check out the marine life in semi-deep water (about 8 feet). The ocean side of the reef is anything but tame, and although it is possible to dive there you should be an expert to attempt it. The ocean suddenly pitches down to a depth of more then 100 miles toward what is called the Tongue of the Ocean. For serious divers this is one of the great diving experiences in the world. To book a diving trip, contact your hotel or travel agent.

Many enjoy the fishing Andros Island has to offer as it is yet another popular way to enjoy the islands and the surrounding ocean. Bonefish are the main catch, and Andros Island bonefishing is among the best in the tropics. Fishing Andros Island can be arranged through a tour guide or fishing company in the islands. More specifically, the small town of Lowe Sound Settlement is the major place to find Andros Island bonefishing guides to take you out on a boat. Andros Island bonefishing tours are widely available, as are travel packages focusing on fishing Andros Island. Fishing season in Andros is year round, so you have a good chance of planning a fishing trip at any point. Note that hurricane season is from June to November, and you'll want to avoid fishing during these months.

In addition to the great diving and fishing, families also enjoy eco tours and other wildlife habitats available. Hotels in Andros tend to shy away from the larger types of resorts found in Nassau or on Paradise Island, but there are still an excellent array of places to stay, golf courses, and great restaurants in the Andros.

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