Bahamas Attractions

The top Bahamas attractions are definitely the beaches. These islands have a fantastic reputation for the quality and serenity of the beaches, but some visitors might be surprised to know that there are other significant reasons for Bahamas tourism. If you choose to venture inland, you will discover a whole range of attractions including historical sites, natural wonders, and spots that will help you gain an understanding of local culture. If you left your hiking boots at home, don’t worry, there are many Nassau tourist attractions that will keep you busy when you aren’t soaking up rays on the beach. Overall though, however you spend your trip to the Bahamas, it is sure to be a memorable one.

Nature lovers will have many Bahamas attractions to choose from. Beyond the crystal blue water, pink sand, and water sports available on these islands, visitors will also find many opportunities for nature walks and hiking. Expect to encounter fascinating iguanas, tropical parrots, and flowers of every color of the rainbow while you hike. As the word about hiking and nature on the islands has spread, this has become a popular reason for Bahamas tourism. Options for exploring are a guided tour or heading out on your own with a map. Many resorts will offer maps of the best places to hike, including the Nature Hiking Trail on Bimini, Andros Island, or Mount Alvernia on Cat Island.

If you’d rather skip the hiking trails, perhaps one of the top Nassau tourist attractions will interest you. Nassau is famous for its shopping, including stylish boutiques, a local market featuring arts, ceramics and jewelry, and also traditional shopping malls. For even more relaxation, look into spas on the island. Nothing will help you unwind like an afternoon at the spa complete with a soothing massage or other unique spa treatment. Another of the top Nassau tourist attractions is simply entertainment. If you’re looking for nightlife, dining, and live music, Nassau will deliver almost every night of the week.

The natural wonders of the island go far beyond hiking as well. Among the top Bahamas attractions are a series of tours that expose visitors to various parts of the island. Take your pick from cave tours, birding tours, bike tours, or even Jeep Safari tours. If you’re interested in learning about the history of the island, these tours are available as well. Many will explore the religious history of the island through a series of spectacular churches. Feel free to worship during your trip, as there are many beautiful churches that you are welcome to attend local services. If you want to tour some historical sites independently, be sure to check out Christ Church Cathedral, St Matthew’s Church, and St Francis Xavier Cathedral.

Bahamas tourism is also centered on different ways for families to have fun together. Plan a day of horseback riding, build sand castles, or engage in a game of volleyball. There are many ways to bring a smile to your kids face beyond the surf, sand, and water sports that have made the Bahamas so popular. If you’re looking for a little adult entertainment, the Bahamas is also known for its golf. Play a course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. during the day and hit the casinos in the evening. Once you arrive, you will be surprised at all the attractions that are packed into these islands.

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