Bahamas Day Trip

Still one of the most beautiful and pristine vacation destinations in the world, The Bahamas is an archipelago that continues to attract thousands upon thousands of visitors each year. With the white sand beaches, warm blue water and diverse array of activities to enjoy; it isn't difficult to see why. A Bahamas day trip can include tours of historical sites as well as outrigger trips to scuba dive. Great food, lively clubs and inhabitants as warm as the weather await travelers planning a Bahamas day trip.


Nassau is not only the political capital of the Bahamas; it is also the tourist capital of the islands. A Nassau day trip to Bahamas can include time spent on Paradise Island, as well as a stroll through the Old Town. Begin your Nassau day trip to Bahamas in Old Town, as early in the morning as possible. In the city center, you can take a walking tour of the Queen's Staircase, the Christ Church Cathedral and the Vendue House. The Straw Market and shopping on Bay Street are also excellent stops on your walking Bahamas day trip.

Paradise Island

Head to Paradise Island to enjoy yourself at Dolphin Encounters and Blue Lagoon Island. Or, if you would rather spend the afternoon scuba diving or snorkeling, just be sure to plan your trip ahead of time. Dinner can be enjoyed easily in downtown Nassau at one of the many great restaurants located in the area.

Versailles Gardens

Touring Versailles Gardens and the Cloisters it host is one of the most popular things to do in the Bahamas. Brought to the islands from France, the statues and art work that have been assembled in the gardens are exquisite. Although the area is located on private hotel grounds, it is open to the public free of charge and remains one of the top 10 things to do in the islands.

Bacardi Distillery

The Bacardi Distillery offers daily tours at 11am and 2pm. The tour is free and guests will be given rum samples as they tour the distillery. A gift shop at the end of the tour has Bacardi rums on sale for a fraction of the cost anywhere else.


One of the increasingly popular ways to enjoy the sun and warmth of Bahamas is through a one day trip to Bahamas from Florida. A one day trip to Bahamas from Florida will generally begin in Fort Lauderdale and head off to the Bahamas from there. There are a number of different cruise lines operating a one day trip to Bahamas from Florida, but almost all will head straight for either New Providence Island or Grand Bahama Island. Whichever you choose, expect to ride aboard a cruise ship replete with a swimming pool, plenty of drinks and food, and of course lots of other people to mingle with. Your one day trip to Bahamas can include a stop off in one of the more popular island areas just to walk around, swim in the ocean, or shop at some of the duty-free luxury shopping areas located on the islands.

Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama Island is an area that still has a lot of draw for many travelers. The well-known cities of Freeport Bahamas and Lucaya are located here on Grand Bahama Island, and a day trip to Bahamas on Grand Bahama can be a great way to relax. Not only are there a growing number of great resorts here for your one day trip to Bahamas, complete with spas and other pampering opportunities, but there are also some great attractions for families. Spend your one day trip to Bahamas on Grand Bahama shopping, relaxing, and trying to avoid having a stringent plan. Grand Bahama is also home to some of the best golf courses on any of the islands, so if you enjoy golfing be sure to set aside time in the morning or afternoon to golf.

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