Bahamas Spring Break

For many students and travelers with time off in the spring, a spring break Bahamas vacation is the perfect way to spend that free time. Spring break Bahamas vacations is actually among the least expensive vacation packages and there are a number of party cruises, packages, and spring break Bahamas events to make your Bahamas spring break trip a memorable and fun vacation.

One of the most popular ways to take a Bahamas spring break trip is by booking a cruise. Cruise ships designed specifically for spring breakers leave frequently from the coast of Florida, making their way through the Keys and down into the Bahamas. A Bahamas spring break cruise will be full of activity from the moment you step on board. Parties, contests, and complimentary drinks are all included as part of the cruise. Most cruise ships will also stop in the Keys as they travel to allow passengers to step off the boat and enjoy the beaches. Cruise ships will also include accommodation at night while the ship is at port in the Bahamas.

There are also a number of party cruise ships that focus specifically on passage to and from the Bahamas. If you book a party cruise, you will need to book your own accommodation in the Bahamas. Party cruises specialize in providing food, drinks, and activity on the way to the Bahamas and back. If your looking visit the Bahamas for Spring Break 2010 be sure to start looking since accommodations will fill up fast.

If you plan to stay at a hotel or resort in the Bahamas and would like to be close to all of the spring break action, a Nassau Bahamas spring break trip is likely the best choice. A Nassau Bahamas spring break trip is perhaps the most popular way to spend time in the Bahamas on a spring break trip. Nassau is home to gorgeous beaches, plenty of popular attractions like dolphin encounters and Bay Street, and also has a nice array of nightclubs and casinos. Interested travelers can also take a tour of the nearby Bacardi Distillery for a chance to sample world class rum and take a look at the rum making process.

Nassau Bahamas spring break trips are also quite popular due to the number of cheap Bahamas spring break packages travelers can find to the area. Cheap Bahamas spring break packages can start as low as $300 for a week long cruise, and most will include food and beverages along the way. For a cheap Bahamas spring break vacation in the islands, look for specials that include hotel, food, and activities for the week. Many spring break packages from the islands will include out island day cruises, beach grill dinners, and complementary drinks during your stay. Ideally, you will have a schedule of events included in with your spring break package.

Which ever sort of spring break package you plan, check to be sure you have a valid passport. In the past, travelers to the Bahamas could enter the country with simply a birth certificate. This is no longer the case. You will need a valid passport to get into the Bahamas and to leave the Bahamas to return home. It is a good idea to keep copies of your passport with you. Also, try and obtain your passport as far in advance as possible. After applying, it can take up to 10 weeks to actually receive your passport.

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