Bay Street Nassau

Bay Street Nassau is perhaps the most popular and well known place for Nassau shopping in the Bahamas The historic Nassau shopping center is a street that runs through the downtown area of Nassau, lined with shops, cafes, and a mixture of high end and local stores If you will be staying at a Nassau hotel or simply love to shop, you will want to be sure and schedule time to shop Bay Street Nassau.

Bay Street Nassau is only a short 10 minute walk from most of the popular Nassau hotels, and many travelers who stay in Nassau make frequent trips to Bay Street Nassau shopping throughout their vacations Some of the stores found when shopping in Nassau Bahamas Bay Street include such posh places as Gucci, Cole's, and Fendi There are also some excellent local shops featuring leather goods, brass, antiques, linens, beauty products, soaps, and perfumes There are also a number of high-end cigar shops to be found when shopping in Nassau Bahamas Bay Street market.

Many tourists in past years have spent time shopping in Nassau Bahamas hoping to find deals and discounts off of items that would regularly be priced quite high at other world markets Travelers today will still find excellent deals on Bay Street and throughout Nassau, but not at absolutely every store The budget minded traveler should keep an eye out for good deals, and yet be aware that many shops are geared specifically to tourists and will be overpriced As a general rule, items such as cigars, alcohol, and certain brands of clothing will be much cheaper in the Bahamas.

Shoppers should also note that it is best to use cash wherever possible when shopping throughout Bay Street and Nassau You will usually receive the best rates by exchanging your money at a bank or going to a cash ATM (where you will still receive the bank rate) Most major hotels will exchange money for you, but in general you will pay more to have the hotel act as a middle man.

Another of the great attractions for tourists to Bay Street is the restaurants in Nassau on Bay Street Restaurants in Nassau on Bay Street include a collection of cafes and fine dining spots You will find mostly local cuisine served at the restaurants in Nassau, but there are of course always exceptions Fritters and spicy dishes tend to be the main stay of food in the Bahamas, and the food should be quite friendly to foreign travelers Most restaurants catering to tourists will also have some options for children and families.

Whether you choose to eat, shop, or both on Bay Street , you will want to make some time to visit the area if you'll be staying in Nassau Even if shopping is not your niche, you can include a stroll down Bay Street in a walking tour of the area as you head to historical sights like the Queens Staircase Bay Street is also only about 15 minutes from a couple of Nassau's best beaches.



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