Bimini Bahamas

Bimini Bahamas is the westernmost island in the chain, and if you’re looking to explore the farthest reaches of the Bahamas, this is the place to go, as it offers an incredible range of activities to enjoy the spectacular landscape. Bimini Island is known for its fishing, diving, sailing, coral reefs, romance, and more. Whether you want to enjoy the crystal clear water and heavenly beaches in a relaxed style, or pack your day full of activities, Bimini will be a perfect fit. A favorite of the American author Ernest Hemingway, the island is full of unique ways to interact with nature, from swimming with Atlantic spotted dolphins to diving down to shipwrecks.

The first thing to learn about Bimini Bahamas is how to get there. There are three main ways to reach the island, which is located northwest of Grand Bahama: by scheduled flight, by charter or private flight, or by boat. Sometimes your hotel might be able to make recommendations on the most convenient or affordable option, depending on your budget and desires. Airlines that reach Bimini Island include Sky Bahamas and Western Air. You can begin your Bahamas vacation with a few days in Nassau or Freeport, and then connect to Bimini by one of these airlines. But beware that planning ahead is a necessity as these carriers don’t offer flights every day of the week. There are many private air companies that also provide this service, and may fit your schedule better.

Once you arrive, the next thing to do is explore. The main settlement is Alice Town, and the main street is the King’s Highway. This is a picturesque sight full of fishing boats, docks, and local markets. Many visitors take the opportunity to shop a little when visiting Alice Town, and bring home something that was locally made. Visitors are more likely to find culturally authentic souvenirs on Bimini Island than in other locations. If you’re looking for a little exercise, this island is also home to great hiking and walking trails. Hit the Bimini Nature Trail to see local plants and animals, but beware of the infamous Bimini Boa!

One of the most significant draws to Bimini Bahamas is sport fishing. Located only 50 miles from Florida, many Floridians call Bimini their second home as a result of the quality of the fishing. Equally praised for both size and variety of catch, Bimini fishing is ever sport fisherman’s fantasy come true. Marlin, tuna, swordfish, and more are swept past Bimini but the Gulf Stream rushing north. This means not only great fishing opportunities, but also excellent conditions for scuba divers. Expect to encounter sea turtles, mantas, dolphins, and stunning coral reefs when you plan a diving vacation in Bimini.

While a trip to Alice Town and fishing excursion are sure to delight, don’t miss out on a day at the beach. The island is full of great beaches, but some top choices are Bimini Bay Beach, Radio Beach, Blister Beach, Porgy Bay Beach, Tiki Hut Beach, and more. These beach options range from quaint beaches to popular beaches that will draw small crowds. If you’re looking for a secluded beach to call your own, the beaches on the Cays to the south are beautiful and often free of visitors. Hop in a rental car and claim one of these beaches as your own for the day, but don’t forget a picnic and your snorkel equipment! For travelers who are looking to get off the beaten path, this island could be a perfect fit.

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