Bahamas Boat Rental

If planning a cruise ship vacation in the Bahamas isn't exactly the right choice for your trip, you may also consider Bahamas boat rental. Bahamas boat rentals are a popular choice for wedding parties, spring breakers, families or honeymooning couples hoping for a little more freedom then what is offered with a cruise. A number of different Bahamas boat rental choices are available to meet various vacation needs.

Bahamas sail boat charters are among the most popular options for Bahamas boat rentals. Guests may book Bahamas sail boat charters for trips as quick as an afternoon or as long as a week or more. Depending on your Bahamas sail boat charter desires, you may also have the choice of including or not including a crew with your rental. If you choose to rent your sailboat with no crew, you will need to demonstrate strong sailing ability and usually prove with documentation that you are certified to handle a sail boat. You will also be required to sign a waiver, as with a rental car, to pay for damages. It is strongly recommended that you invest in any type of insurance offered by the sail boat company.

Many Bahamas boat rentals will be available from the Florida coast or Key West. Yachts and other swift boats will also usually offer guests the option of having or not having a crew on board. Some cruise companies also offer a combination of sorts. Guests will have a captain during the day to sail them to their desired destinations, and at night the captain will moor the boat and spend the night on land. In this way, passengers will have complete privacy in the evenings for sunrise and sunset. For travelers who are not sailing buffs but still want to experience the magic of private sailing, this is a great option.

In addition to charting a boat from the mainland, guests may also find boat rentals in Grand Bahama Island. Boat rentals in Grand Bahama Island can be booked online in advance, or in person once you have arrived at the islands. It is, however, strongly recommended that for longer trips (a week or more) you reserve your boat rentals in Grand Bahama Island well in advance to avoid the disappointment of not being able to schedule a last minute trip.

Planning a trip from the islands is a great idea for guests who might want to spend an afternoon or a few days of their trip fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or enjoying the warm waters of the Caribbean in some way. Tours for travelers hoping to learn a skill or become a certified scuba diver are also available for booking directly from the islands. Scuba diving tour companies will provide all of the needed scuba gear.

If renting a private sailboat or yacht for your honeymoon, family vacation, or time with friends seems like the right choice for your time in the Bahamas, try and book your ship passage as far in advance as possible. Be sure to do a little research on the company or captain you choose to book your trip with by reading customer reviews or contacting the boat company. Be safe and enjoy the wonder of sailing the open ocean on a private boat.

Grand Bahama Islands

Grand Bahama Island

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