Best Time To Cruise To Bahamas

Best Time To Cruise To Bahamas
Best Time To Cruise To Bahamas

The best time to cruise to Bahamas is just about any time. There truly are advantages to every season, and the weather is usually splendid regardless of the month. That being said, June 1 to November 30 is the official hurricane season in the Caribbean, and it is also the rainiest and most humid time of year. As such, many people who are planning a cruise to the Bahamas often avoid this period. Hurricanes don't frequently hit the Bahamas, however, so there is little need for worry as far as they are concerned. Modern technology also means that hurricanes can be identified early, thus allowing for travelers to take the proper precautions with time to spare.

The Bahamas is known for its wonderful weather and its beautiful beaches. This is why so many Caribbean cruises include it as a stop on their itineraries. The average temperatures year round range between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and this means that the beaches are always enticing. As for those who are worried about rain interfering with their beach time, summer and fall are when rainfall totals are typically at their highest. On the other hand, spring and fall are relatively dry.

Mid-December to mid-April is the peak travel season in the Caribbean. It is also considered to be the best time to cruise to the Bahamas. Quite simply, onshore activities for cruise passengers in the Bahamas, which include golfing, hiking, and hanging out on world-class beaches, are less likely to be ruined by rain or excessive humidity during the peak season. Of course, the peak season sees more tourists on the islands, and this can dissuade some from planning a winter cruise.

Anyone who is trying to plan a relatively peaceful cruise to the Bahamas should avoid the Spring Break season. This season runs from March into mid-April and is particularly hectic. The spring break crowds, as you might expect, are largely composed of inebriated college kids. The atmosphere can be a lot of fun if you enjoy a good party.

Trade winds help to cool things down throughout the year in the Bahamas, so an off season cruise doesn't have to see you enduring horribly humid conditions around the clock. Also worth noting when it comes to off season cruises to the Bahamas is the fact that good deals are easier to find during this period. Other reasons why a summer or fall cruise to the Bahamas can be so tempting is the fact that the beaches are less likely to be crowded, as is true with golf courses, tennis courts, and other things.

There are various things to consider when trying to decide the best time to cruise to Bahamas. For some, the uncrowded nature of the off season is too alluring to pass up, while others prefer the increased liveliness that the peak season brings. Holidays and cultural events can also affect the decision process. Among the top annual events is the Junkanoo Festival. It is held in early August near Nassau, and it sees tourists and locals alike indulging in locally produced foods.

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