Cruises To The Bahamas

A cruise to Bahamas is one of the great ways to enjoy these warm and beautiful islands. A Bahamas cruise vacation can include anything from a Bahamas spring break cruise to a simple family Bahamas cruise vacation with little planning. Whatever your reasons for taking a cruise to Bahamas, there are a number of options when choosing the right cruise line and itinerary.

One of the first things to consider when planning your cruise to Bahamas is where you want to board the ship. Cruises to Bahamas leave from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, Jacksonville, Tampa, Norfolk, and New York with most of the larger cruise lines. Smaller cruise lines may schedule tours from other areas, but the previously mentioned cities offer the most options with cruise lines and departure times.

You will also want to consider the desired length of your Bahamas cruise vacation. The shortest cruises last three days, while longer cruises can last up to two weeks. The most frequently booked cruises to the Bahamas will last about a week, although for travelers from far away destinations such as New York or Virginia cruise lengths will be longer. Cruises operate year round from most ports, with Florida being the most frequented embarkation spot due to its proximity to the islands. Travelers worried about storms should note that June 1 through November 30 is hurricane season, and Caribbean cruises will be at a higher risk during this time.

Passengers of cruises to the Bahamas will also need a passport to board the cruise ship and enter the Bahamas. It is usually a good idea to make copies of your passport in case it is lost, along with keeping it in a locked safe or other secure location on the cruise ship. You will also need your passport to reenter your country of origin. Be sure to also hang onto all of your receipts for any goods you purchase in the Bahamas and plan to bring back with you. Most customs departments will require that you declare all purchased items when coming back home.

Once you've finally boarded your cruise ship, the itinerary will usually include stops at Nassau, Freeport, or other smaller locations for a day or afternoon. Some cruise ships leaving from Florida will also make a day stop in Key West. Depending on the length of your cruise, you may make stops at all of these places and more. As you might expect, your cruise ship will do most of its traveling at night and spend time at the various ports during the day.

If you are a student or simply hoping to party like one during your spring break, there are also some specialty cruises that focus on Bahamas spring break cruises. Almost all Bahamas spring break cruises will depart from Florida and many packages will include your flight in the price of the trip but some do not, so be sure to make sure you've got all your tickets necessary. For groups of people looking for an all-inclusive vacation in the Bahamas, a cruise can be the perfect solution. Friends and families will have the chance to spend time together on the ship and at port enjoying a number of different activities.



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