Bahamas Restaurants

Dining in the Bahamas for travelers can be a real treat. A mixture of home cooked food, well prepared international dishes, and traditional cuisine can be found at various places throughout the islands. Local food in the Bahamas tends to be spicy and involve plenty of seafood. At many of the resorts and tourist areas a nice blend of international Bahamas restaurants can also be found. Depending on where you are staying and your personal tastes, dining in the Bahamas is a unique and memorable experience.

Dining in the Bahamas at any Bahamas restaurant serving traditional cuisine will involve spice in just about every dish. Since many Bahamas restaurants do cater to tourists you will usually have a chance to lower the spice content if you so choose. A blend of hot seasonings accompanies almost every soup and sauce prepared in a traditional restaurant in the Bahamas.

Some of the most popular staple food in the Bahamas is conch. Conch is an ocean mollusk with white meat and is often served at a typical restaurant in the Bahamas uncooked with lime juice and spices. Conch can also be steamed, added to other dishes like soup or salad or deep-fried. Deep-fried conch is referred to as "cracked conch" and can be found at just about every traditional restaurant in the Bahamas.

Also popular in the Bahamas is the Bahamian rock lobster. A rock lobster is one variety of lobster that has no claws. For the most part rock lobster is not eaten on its own but instead added to soups, stews and salad. Sometimes rock lobster is served broiled with spices and citrus juices. Another popular ocean food in the Bahamas is boiled fish. Boiled fish is served on a number of different occasions, and most often it will be served along side a helping of grits. Stews with boiled fish are also popular, as is the side dish of spiced rice which includes peas and other vegetables.

Most traditional desserts served in the Bahamas will involve coconuts, another staple of the Bahamian diet. Travelers will note the abundance of coconut trees on every island in the Bahamas and find the fruit in many dishes. Most prominently, coconut is served in cakes, pies, tarts, pudding, custard and ice cream, although it can show up shredded over just about anything.

In addition to the traditional fare, travelers will also find a number of restaurants specializing in international fare. These restaurants, for the most part, will be concentrated on Paradise Island, New Providence Island and Grand Bahama Island in the main tourist areas. Most of the Bahamas resorts and hotels have cafes serving hamburgers, sushi and other dishes from around the world.

Wherever you go to eat out in the Bahamas, don't forget to try at least one unique Bahamas cocktail. Tropical favorites like Rum Punch and a Pina Colada are at their best on the islands, and additional specialty drinks make any traditional dinner that much better.

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