Eleuthera Bahamas

Eleuthera Bahamas is a long, thin island stretching more than 110 miles in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Located just 50 miles east of the popular destination Nassau, a visit to Eleuthera Island can easily be combined with a more traditional trip to the Bahamas. While this island is located less than an hour away from Florida, it has remained largely undeveloped. This secluded atmosphere is what has drawn attention to it in recent years, and vacation rentals have begun to be built. The hilly terrain of this island means that homes can be built in the cliffs, resulting in fantastic views. If you can picture yourself bonefishing in Eleuthera and returning to a quiet rental at night, this might be the island for you.

If you’re planning a trip to Eleuthera Bahamas, the first thing to consider is your transportation. Eleuthera Island is easily reached by sea or by air, but in most cases, arrangements should be made in advance. Scheduled airlines to Eleuthera Island include Abaco Air, American Eagle, Continental, Bahamas Air, and Southern Air. Not all of these airlines operate flights on a daily basis, so if you plan to fly, it is best to book in advance. Another option is choosing to fly charter or private. In many instances, your hotel can help make these arrangements for you. One additional alternative is ferries and mailboats, or to take Bahamas cruises. These picturesque journeys will allow to kick back and relax before you even reach Eleuthera.

Eleuthera Bahamas is only two miles wide, so no matter where you are on the island, you’ll never be far away from the pink-sand beaches of the Bahamas. While many people at first plan a trip for bonefishing in Eleuthera, once they arrive, they are often tempted to do nothing but sunbathe on one of the secluded coves. Pink and white sand makes up the many beaches of Eleuthera including Cape Eleuthera Resort Beach, Cotton Bay Estates and Villas, the Cove Eleuthera Beach, Preacher’s Beach, and French Leave Beach, among others. This island is also known for its colonial towns and pineapple fields, so there’s plenty to discover after a day at the beach.

Eleuthera Island is also well known for its many activities on the water. Choose from boating, snorkeling, and diving or enjoy all three activities over the course of your vacation. Renting a boat, chartering a boat, or heading out for a sail are all great ways to indulge in the landscapes of Eleuthera. For those who prefer their views underwater, snorkeling will grant you access to ships just off shore and diving will expose you to schools of fish, dozens of shipwrecks, and incredible coral reefs. Beyond these activities, one of the biggest attractions to the island is fishing. Whether you want to take lessons with your family or want to try bonefishing in Eleuthera, this island will deliver the experience you desire.

There are many attractions to visit on Eleuthera Island as well, including Gregory Town, Glass Window Bridge, Preachers Cave, and Lighthouse Beach. When visitors take the opportunity to explore beyond water sports, they discover that there is a rich history and heritage to this island. More than 300 years ago English adventurers who were searching for religious freedom settled in Eleuthera. If you wish to add an educational slant to your trip, you can learn all about this, and other fascinating aspects, of the island’s history. Another great island choice if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination is nearby Bimini.

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