Bahamas Events

Travel to the Bahamas during one of the festivals or holidays celebrated on the islands can be a lot of fun. Bahamas cultural events and Bahamas beach events are happening throughout the year, and taking part is some of the Bahamas cultural events can greatly enrich your travel to the Bahamas. Whether you travel to the Bahamas in search of hearing the popular Bahamas Junkanoo music or just want to take part in a Bahamas beach event, the following information should help you plan your trip.

New Year's Day

As in many countries, New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1 in the Bahamas. The night before, New Year's Eve, is a great time to find a fireworks festival and Bahamas beach event in Nassau or celebrate in your own way on one of the quieter islands like Long Island.

Whit Monday

Celebrated on the seventh Monday after Easter, Whit Monday is a Pentecostal holiday celebrated widely throughout the Bahamas. To mark the day, Pentecostal families attend church and usually organize feasts to celebrate.

Emancipation Day

Emancipation Day is a national holiday marking the emancipation of slaves in the British Empire and is celebrated on August 1. The first emancipation day was on August 1, 1834, and since that time the day has been one of major Bahamas cultural events. The main celebration happens each year in Fox Hill Village near Nassau and includes a footrace on the first day and the famous Bahamas Junkanoo Festival on the second day.

Bahamas Junkanoo Festival

The Bahamas Junkanoo Festival happens each year as part of the Emancipation Day celebration weekend in August. An enormous feast is prepared in Fox Hill Village near Nassau, and groups of musicians compete against one another during the festival. This is a particular favorite among tourists and visitors who wan to take part in the fun.

Discovery Day

Celebrated most intensely on the island of San Salvador, Discover Day on October 12 marks the discovery of the island by Christopher Columbus. Although his landing on San Salvador is still a disputed point, a major festival takes place each year, and government buildings are shut down to commemorate the discovery.

Christmas Day

Celebrated each year on December 25, Christmas is a special time in the Bahamas. Though you won't see snow or mistletoe, most islanders do celebrate the day and you will see lights and smell great food coming from just about every home. The Christmas season is a popular travel season in the Bahamas.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26, the day after Christmas. Many Commonwealth nations still celebrate Boxing Day, which is a day to give to and share with the poor and the needy. Travelers who are in the Bahamas on Boxing Day are welcome to participate.

Independence Day

Independence Day in the Bahamas is July 10. Fireworks, lights, and beach parties mark the event on every island. Larger festivals can be enjoyed on Paradise Island and in Nassau, but no island forgoes a little celebrating for this holiday.



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