Freeport Beaches

Freeport beaches are among the most popular vacation destinations in the Bahamas, beyond the beaches and attractions in the Nassau area. Freeport is the capital of Grand Bahama Island, and unlike more secluded destinations beyond Nassau, it still offers a full range of hotels, golf courses, beaches, and water activities to keep a family pleasantly busy for a week or more, in addition to just time spent on the sand. There will be many temptations beyond the beach in Freeport Bahamas, and still there are plenty of visitors who choose to sunbathe in the white sand instead of water ski, scuba diving, and fish. Whatever type of activities you choose, Xanadu Beach and all the other areas are sure to fulfill your dreams of a Caribbean getaway.

Once you arrive, you will have two choices for Freeport beaches: secluded beaches or activities beaches. Depending on what type of traveler you are, or what type of mood you’re in on a particular day, you will be able to select the perfect beach in Freeport Bahamas. If you’re looking for fun and games including parasailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and more head straight for one of the top activities beaches. The most popular activities beaches on the island are Xanadu Beach, Lucaya Beach, and Taino Beach. To keep the kids occupied, indulge in water sports, or simply sit back and watch the action, these are the best beaches to choose.

Xanadu Beach is a privately owned area next to the large Xanadu Beach Resort; this is the most popular beach on the island, which means it can be crowded, but there’s also plenty to do here. Lucaya Beach and Taino Beach are both east of Xanadu, and both are popular choices for tourists for the many water sports and other activities they offer. Taino even has a small playground area, which is what makes this beach so popular with families.

On the other hand, secluded Freeport beaches will offer a different experience. Along the southwest and southeast sides of the island there are many secluded beaches to discover. While the island is yours to explore and find your own favorite stretch of sand, there is one favorite secluded beach in Freeport Bahamas. Gold Rock Beach, which is part of Lucayan National Park, is one of the best known secluded beaches and for good reason. This beach is especially known for being fantastic at low tide. Visitors will find barbecue pits and picnic tables, but no other amenities. If you’re looking for an adventure, the Lucayan Caverns are also close by. These are the best beaches if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, or a chance to just relax in the sun during your vacation.

Beyond popular activities beaches like Xanadu Beach and the secluded beaches of the National Park system, there are plenty of places to work on your tan. Fortune Beach is a quiet beach that got its name from a shipwreck discovered there that was worth $2 million. Lucaya Beach is a popular tourist beach where you can enjoy activities like parasailing or local snacks such as roast conch. If you want to hang out with the locals, pull up a stool at Margaritavilla Sand Bar at Mather Town Beach. Smith’s Point Beach and William’s Town Beach are all popular choices as well. No matter where you set up on the beaches in Freeport, you are sure to enjoy the many pleasures of the Bahamas.

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