Bahamas Freeport Hotels

Located on Grand Bahama Island, the city of Freeport has a long list of Freeport hotels with access to the beach and plenty of other activities in the Bahamas. Freeport is the second largest city in the Bahamas and features a number of luxury hotels in Freeport Bahamas and discount hotels in Freeport Bahamas. As the city is only about 100 miles from the shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, some travelers choose to take a cruise to Freeport. If you plan to fly, however, you will need to book a Freeport Bahamas hotel. The Grand Bahama International Airport is large, and most hotels in Freeport Bahamas offer free shuttle service to and from your Freeport Bahamas hotel.

Luxury Freeport Bahamas Hotels

Freeport is located further from the beach than its closest sister city Lucaya. While there are some excellent beach front resorts, there are also great options for luxury accommodation at Bahamas Freeport hotels. Luxury Bahamas Freeport hotels include all-inclusive resorts as well as top of the line traditional hotels. In addition to typical hotel amenities, luxury Bahamas Freeport hotels will often include concierge service, use of water sport equipment, and trip planning services.

Grand Bahama Island is also well known for the incredible golf courses that cover the island; some of the most difficult and beautiful in the world. A few of these courses are actually located on hotel grounds, and guests of hotels that feature a golf course will receive discounted rates on green fees during their stay. Golf packages that combine hotel accommodation, flight, and golf fees at a number of different courses can also be booked in advance.

Discount Freeport Bahamas Hotels

Along with the stunning golf and luxury resorts, there are also some good options for budget travelers. Although none of the least expensive hotels in Freeport are near the beach, all of them do offer complimentary shuttle service to the beach. For travelers who want to spend their time in the Bahamas out and about, taking tours or spending time at restaurants and enjoying the nightlife, a budget hotel room is a great option. As a bonus, many of the less expensive hotels in Freeport are actually located in the downtown area of the city right near the popular International Bazaar and the island's largest casino. Best of all, even the discount hotels features pools, bike rentals, and more. Although the budget hotels are not all-inclusive, many do serve a complimentary buffet-style breakfast each morning with fruit and cereal.

Depending on your travel needs and the distance you would like to be from the beach, hotels in Freeport can offer quite a lot. If you plan to take a golf vacation of any kind, Grand Bahama Island is the best place to send yourself. The port of Freeport is a major cruise line destination for all kinds of cruises and you can still book all of the great scuba, snorkel, and outer island trips from Freeport that make the Bahamas such a great vacation destination.

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