Harlteys Undersea Walk

Hartleys Undersea Walk is one of the best Nassau attractions for families. Bronson Hartley, the founder of the company, was a biologist from New York who came to the Bahamas to escape the Great Depression and invent a whole new way to explore the ocean. Swimmers and non-swimmers alike can enjoy a Hartleys Undersea Walk, making it an activity that even children as young as 5 will love. Participants in the Hartleys Undersea Walk will be given a special lead helmet to weight them to the ocean floor, while air is pumped in to allow them to breath and move about freely.

Trips for this popular Nassau attraction leave daily from Nassau Island, and a free shuttle will pick you up from your hotel. Groups are small however, so if you know you'd like to take the undersea walk be sure to book your trip at least 10 days in advance. Reservations are taken online, and the cost of the walk includes your boat passage from Nassau Island, as well as all of the necessary equipment. The cruise ride takes about 3 ½ hours from start to finish, including your time in the water.

As you cruise, knowledgeable crew members and staff will point out interesting marine life and provide opportunities for viewing and photographs. Once you reach the sea walking location, passengers will be given their weighted helmet and be set up with air for their descent into the water. A ladder off the side of the boat helps guest down into the water, which is about 10-15 feet deep. Participants will then have about 30 minutes to walk about freely (within range of their air tube) to observe the fish and marine life at the bottom of the sea. Due to its gentle nature, this is one of the most popular Nassau attractions as well as one of the most scenic attractions in Nassau Bahamas.

Members of the Hartley crew will be on hand and underwater with your group to take pictures for you with a digital camera. These pictures will be available later in the day for purchase if you desire. Pictures are packaged on a finished CD. You may also bring your own camera, but of course remember to choose something waterproof. One of the great advantages of seeing the Bahamas attractions in this way is that your head will remain completely dry. You won't even have to worry about removing your glasses.

As one of the most scenic attractions in Nassau Bahamas and one of the most original ideas in the area, trips via Hartleys are in high demand. Other scenic attractions in Nassau Bahamas include visiting the Blue Lagoon, taking a trip to Stingray City, or strolling some of the excellent beaches. Hartleys Undersea Walk is, however, one of the best choices for families looking to find a trip that everyone will enjoy without restrictions. Travelers should also note that the cost for children and adults will remain the same, and there is no discount offered for children.

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