Bahamas Honeymoon

For many couples, a honeymoon represents a relaxing reward at the end of a hectic wedding planning schedule. Bahamas honeymoon vacations are popular year round, thanks in part to the warm weather that graces the shores of the islands most days of the calendar. Bahamas honeymoon vacations are also popular because of the many romantic hotels that cater specifically to the special needs of couples and those looking to honeymoon in the Bahamas. Whether you are looking for a Bahamas honeymoon package, or simply want to reserve a hotel room and plan your own schedule, there are a number of excellent options.

A Bahamas honeymoon package can include a hotel room, airfare, and active tours of many kinds. A typical Bahamas honeymoon package will be all-inclusive, meaning that meals will be provided by your hotel. In addition, many Bahamas honeymoon packages will also include some special amenities just for honeymooners such as a bottle of champagne or gift basket. Welcome cocktails, transportation from the airport to your hotel, and entertainment are also often included in Bahamas honeymoon packages.

A number of Bahamas honeymoon packages will also offer couples special rooms. Rooms for Bahamas honeymoon vacations may feature such special amenities as hot tubs, robes, monogrammed towels, and private beachside bungalows. Trips to near by beaches, picnic lunches, and tours can also be included in packages for a honeymoon in the Bahamas.

Many hotels or companies who specialize in organizing a honeymoon in the Bahamas can also organize special tours and activities for couples. In addition to typical activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or fishing trips, honeymooner can also book private walking tours of Nassau or other areas. Private boat rentals for honeymooners are also quite popular. Couples can plan excursions lasting anywhere from a day or two to an entire week. More privately chartered boats can be rented for use with or without a crew.

Honeymooners booking a package through an agent may also want to try and combine tours with their airfare and hotel costs to try and get the best deal. If you are interested in activities like undersea walking or dolphin encounters on your vacation, these must usually be booked well in advance. You'll have the best luck with rates and dates by booking early. If you choose to take a cruise to the Bahamas for your honeymoon, many of these amenities can be easily booked through your cruise company.

For many couples, a honeymoon is the first of many romantic vacations they will take. Most hotels offer a discount of some sort on future vacations to the Bahamas if you book with them. If you know you will be back in the future to celebrate an anniversary, keep an eye out for deals of this kind. Whether you want to pack your honeymoon full of trips and tours, or are simply hoping to find a quiet beach and great room to while away the hours with your new spouse, the Bahamas are a warm and relaxing vacation choice.

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