Long Island Bahamas

Long Island Bahamas is located in the southeastern section of the Bahamas and is bisected by the Tropic of Cancer. The island is about 60 miles long and 4 miles wide, and a main road runs along the length of the island. Once called "Fernandina" by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World, the name changed to Long Island Bahamas in later years. Long Island Bahamas is best known for its excellent fishing opportunities.

Long Island Bahamas fishing is popular for many reasons, but bonefishing in Long Island Bahamas is particularly popular. A large current stream called the North Equatorial Current runs right into the shores of the island, bringing with it a myriad of fish. Dolphinfish, blackfin and yellowfin tuna, rainbow runners, sailfish, white marlin, bonefish and more can all be found near Long Island. Long Island Bahamas fishing licenses can be obtained at customs when you enter the country. You will need a Long Island Bahamas fishing license to catch and keep fish.

Special tours for bonefishing in Long Island Bahamas are arranged for tourists frequently. Bonefishing in Long Island Bahamas can be booked as an afternoon tour or a tour lasting multiple days. Renting a boat for fishing on your own, or booking a tour with a fishing company are both possibilities. To book your fishing tour in advance, check with your hotel before you go to see if they offer special packages for anglers to keep costs down. If you decide to book a fishing trip once you've arrived, there are a number of great companies specializing in fishing.

Additional attractions on Long Island include Wild Tamarind, a ceramics shop specializing in hand made items. Deadman's Cay is the settlement where you'll find most of the islanders living year round. This is an interesting area to tour if you find yourself with extra time. Clarence Town is about 10 miles from Deadman's Cay and also worth a visit. Two churches, St. Paul's and St. Peter's, were built by a hermit priest named Father Jerome and still rest in Clarence Town. Dunmore's Plantation is also near the area and available for viewing. Two underground caves can also be toured with the help of a local guide; Dunmore's Caves and Deadman's Cay Cave.

Tourists looking for shopping are mostly out of luck on Long Island, however there are some good restaurants located on the island. All of the hotels feature restaurants, and there are also some out of the way spots that serve homemade, local cuisine that are likely your best bet for a traditional meal. You can also pack a picnic for a trip to the beach.

However you decide to spend your time on Long Island, there are plenty of things to do for anyone who loves fishing or simply enjoying the beach. To reach Long Island, you can fly onto one of two airports or take a ship from Nassau, although the flight will be much quicker. Flights will route through either Florida or Nassau.

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