Long Island Bahamas Hotels

Long Island Bahamas is located in the center of the island, about 150 miles southeast of Nassau. While there are not nearly as many hotels on Long Island as you will find in New Providence, Andros, or Abaco, there are still some excellent hotels and a few options to fit varying budgets. Long Island Bahamas resorts and Long Island Bahamas hotels are found in both the north and south part of the island. Finding the perfect Long Island beach resort Bahamas and Long Island Bahamas hotels is as easy as contacting your local travel agent or booking online.

Long Island Bahamas Resorts

There are two major Long Island Bahamas Resorts. The Long Island beach resort Bahamas that is considered to be the most luxurious is located near the Queen's Highway. This is also the oldest Long Island beach resort Bahamas and features a combination of rooms, bungalows, and villas to choose from. The villas are the hotel's latest addition, and each villa has been designed with attention to style and detail. A deck, kitchen, master bedroom, guest bedroom, and two bathrooms make up the floor plan of the villas. The rooms and bungalows are also excellent choices and come with plenty of amenities. All inclusive packages for the resort are available. The second resort on the island is located on Ocean View drive, and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Both resorts offer exquisite service, water equipment rentals, tours, concierge services, and more.

Long Island Bahamas Hotel

Hotels on Long Island are less expensive then the resorts, and also feature more simple lodging. Guests can find beach bungalow cabins or studio apartment style accommodation. Bungalows are located near the beach in a group, with a staff serving breakfast at the hotel restaurant and providing equipment for water sports, and snorkeling, as well as information about boat trips and scuba diving. The studio accommodations are among the most primitive and secluded in the Bahamas. You will need to bring your own food, and you will find little electricity or consistently running water, although there are bathrooms with showers in each unit. This is not the best choice for families, but is an excellent option for anyone who wants to truly get away from the 21st century for a week or weekend.

Long Island is a quiet, beautiful place to enjoy the pristine beauty of the Bahamas. Hotels and resorts on the island tend to be fairly eco-friendly, and the island is so far safe from overdevelopment. Tours of wildlife on the island are one of the most popular things to do there, and for some wildlife enthusiasts it is the main reason for travel to the island. You can book your hotel or wildlife tour by contacting a local travel agent or checking out a travel website online. Remember that the slow season for the Bahamas is during the spring and summer, so if you want to find a deal try and book during that time. You will not usually have a problem finding accommodation on Long Island any time of the year.

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