Nassau Bahamas Airport

The Nassau Bahamas Airport can be found ten miles west of Nassau proper. The largest airport in the Bahamas, it is also the busiest and serves as the nation’s main gateway. More than three million air travelers passed through Nassau in 2008 alone, and thanks to the airport’s popularity in general, it has been the focus of major redevelopment plans.

In recent years, the Nassau Bahamas Airport underwent a makeover process, and it is safe to assume that further renovations might just be on the way. The main impetus for the change is twofold. The airport needed to expand its terminal capacity, and it also wanted to upgrade its facilities. Now, it is able to handle much more passengers, and U.S. travelers will be happy to know that there is a new terminal that is dedicated exclusively to them. The flight to the Nassau Bahamas Airport from Miami is just 35 minutes, by the way, and it doesn’t exactly take long to get there by plane from any other number of U.S. destinations.

As a side note, the official name of the Nassau Bahamas Airport is the Lynden Pindling International Airport. This name change was made in 2006, and it honors the first Prime Minister of the Bahamas. Commonly referred to as the Father of the Bahamas, Lynden Oscar Pindling led the nation’s push for independence from the UK.

Image: Mr. Mystery (flickr)
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