Paradise Island

Paradise Island is currently the most expensive place to stay in the Bahamas. The small island was not always so glamorous, however. Paradise Island in the Bahamas was once known as Hog Island and was a major site for farming in the Bahamas. Paradise Island in the Bahamas is situated near New Providence, and the two islands are connected by a bridge between Paradise Island and Nassau Harbor.

Hog Island first became Paradise Island in the Bahamas when the island was purchased by Huntington Hartford in 1959. Huntington was the A&P Supermarket Heir and paid more then $11 million for the island. Huntington was the first entrepreneur to begin developing Bahamas Paradise Island and built the first major hotel on the site. He was also responsible for purchasing and transporting The Cloisters that rest at the Versailles Gardens, which is still a popular attraction on Bahamas Paradise Island. Huntington changed the name of the area from Hog to Paradise Island, and was also responsible for obtaining a gambling license for Bahamas Paradise Island. Huntington eventually turned ownership of the island over to his close friend and business partner, Jim Crosby, and ownership of the island has changed hands multiple times since then.

In addition to The Cloister, one of the main attractions for a Paradise Island vacation is the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino. The sprawling mega-hotel features the world's largest open air marina, hundreds of rooms, a private beach, and an enormous casino. Even if you won't be staying at the Atlantis for your Paradise Island vacation, the casino is a great attraction. If gambling isn't quite your niche you can also shop at one of the nicest shopping areas on the island. The Shops at the Atlantis include well known brand names and plenty of souvenir boutiques.

Of course, no Paradise Island vacation would be complete without at least one trip to the beach or out into the ocean. No matter where you hang your hat at night, your hotel staff or concierge will be more then happy to help plan any sort of trip or tour you would like to take. Most hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the most popular beaches. You can also book trips for scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing through your hotel. Thanks to Paradise Island's proximity to Nassau, you can also enjoy some of the best attractions in Nassau. Paradise Island also has a couple of great golf courses, or you can always book a trip to visit Grand Bahama Island, as well.

Paradise Island is still the most expensive piece of real estate in the Bahamas, and in general guests find that a vacation there is more expensive than on other islands. Restaurants and nightclubs will reflect the higher cost, as will the hotels. Paradise Island can't be beat, though, for having so much to do in one small place. Depending on how would like to spend your vacation time, Paradise Island Bahamas can be an excellent choice.

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