Paradise Island Hotels

Paradise Island features a few of the most exclusive luxury resorts in the Bahamas. As such, Paradise Island hotels are also among the most expensive. Unlike Nassau, Paradise Islands do not offer drastically reduced prices during the off-season, although there are some deals to be found. For the most part Paradise Island hotels are actually resorts, and many are all inclusive hotels in Paradise Island. A villa or a moderately priced hotel in Paradise Island Bahamas can be found with a little searching, however.

Luxury hotel in Paradise Island Bahamas

Finding a luxury hotel in Paradise Island Bahamas takes little time. Most of the hotels on the island are classy, comfortable affairs. A few of the hotels also feature some excellent restaurants and even casinos. The winter is the driest season for the Bahamas and thus the most popular travel time. Discounts of 10-20 % can be obtained during the spring and summer, when there is a higher chance of rain and fewer travelers in general.

All inclusive hotels in Paradise Island account for the bulk of resorts and luxury accommodation there. All inclusive hotels in Paradise Island will usually include both breakfast and dinner for the duration of your stay, as well as a preset number of beverages. These packages almost never include lunch. If you plan to participate in any tours during the day like a Dolphin Encounter or out island excursion, lunch will be provided as part of your tour. Complimentary shuttle service for such tours is usually provided by the tour company, as well.

Discount hotel in Paradise Island Bahamas

The idea of a discount hotel in Paradise Island is a bit vague. While there are some hotels that are less expensive then others, for the most part you'll pay extra to stay on Paradise Island. There are a couple of options for budget travelers who do want to stay on Paradise Island, however. While travelers will not have access to some of the exclusive beaches found at the luxury resorts, there are still some noteworthy amenities. Restaurants, pools, and water sport equipment rental are available even at the budget hotels, creating a clean and comfortable place to stay. Renting a villa can be another way to save a little money. Many villas sleep up to ten people, and with enough folks the shared cost will come down substantially.

No matter which sort of place you end up choosing for your Paradise Island vacation you will be close to some great shopping and nightlife. Guests can visit the Versailles Gardens whether or not they are guests of the hotel on whose grounds the statues are situated. Great beaches are just moments away, and even many of the budget hotels offer free shuttles to the ocean for a day on the white sands. Many hotels are also happy to help guests book scuba diving tours and other trips.

To find the best prices for hotels in Paradise Island, check first with the hotel to see their list price, and then contact a travel agent or travel company to try and find a better deal. By booking a travel package you can often find a better deal then the upfront rates listed by the hotels themselves.

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