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Whether you are looking for luxury shopping in the Bahamas or just want to take home a special souvenir in order to remember your trip, there are some great choices for shopping in the Bahamas. Bahamas shopping markets do include both high end labels and homemade goods at the local Bahamas straw markets. Despite the boom in Bahamas tourism in recent years, travelers will still be able to find excellent deals on certain items when shopping in the Bahamas. The Bahamas shopping areas have been broken up by region below.

New Providence

Serious shoppers will want to be sure and stop in Nassau on New Providence Island. Bahamas shopping in Nassau includes some of the swankiest names in the islands. The popular Bay Street is the major center for upscale shopping, with names like Gucci, Fendi and more rounding out the Bahamas shopping experience. Bay Street is also popular for shoppers thanks to the many excellent restaurants located here and there between the shops. An afternoon stroll down the street is a shopper's paradise.

Also in New Providence is the largest Bahamas straw market on the islands. Bahamas straw markets are known for the excellent handmade straw hats and bags, guava jelly and range of other homemade goods that are usually not found anywhere else. Although you do not want to try and bargain with store owners on Bay Street, bargaining is a part of the process at a Straw Market and if you don't do it you'll likely be charged far too much.

Paradise Island

The shops at the Atlantis are the main attraction for shoppers on Paradise Island. Although the shops in Nassau offer more diversity, the Shops at the Atlantis can't be beat for sheer size and volume. You won't have an immense amount of luck finding handmade goods here, but you will find brand names from top designers for less than what you might pay anywhere else. The shops at the Atlantis are open daily.

Grand Bahama Island

Shopping on Grand Bahama Island centers on the International Bazaar Freeport Bahamas. The International Bazaar Freeport Bahamas is located in the heart of downtown Freeport. Buses throughout the city offer rides to the International Bazaar Freeport Bahamas for just $1 all day long, and tourists will find a maze of shops, cafes, vendors and more spread throughout the area. A mix of cultures is represented at the bazaar, and as the name suggests you should be able to find a wide range of international goods from over 25 different countries. The market is open from 9am to 6pm.

Out Islands

Shopping on any of the out islands is not a popular activity. Shops are small and there are none of the malls and markets found on the larger islands. A few of the out islands do feature small straw markets where you can find souvenirs and gifts.

Shopping in the Bahamas has become a major draw for the tourist town in recent years. In addition to clothes and sundries, cigars and alcohol are often found on the islands for much less then you might pay elsewhere. Shoppers will also be happy to know that there is no sales tax for items purchased in the Bahamas, but everyone is charged a flat $15 departure tax on their way out.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is currently the most expensive place to stay in the Bahamas...

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