Suggested Itinerary Bahamas

Suggested itineraries for Bahamas depend heavily on where you stay. Suggested itineraries for Bahamas can include outdoor activities, historical walks, and tours of just about every kind. The Bahamas is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, largest open air marinas and luxurious resorts, and a Bahamas itinerary can include just about anything you would like. You can find additional help planning a Bahamas itinerary by contacting a travel agent to put together a travel package that includes access to everything on your personal Bahamas itinerary.

Suggested itineraries for Bahamas:

1-3 Days

If you only have a weekend or so to spend in the Bahamas and have never been, you will want to go to Nassau. Nassau is currently the most popular tourist attraction in the Bahamas and you certainly won't run out of things to do there. Not only can you scuba dive, swim with dolphins and snorkel; you will also have a chance to shop on Bay Street and take some excellent strolls along the beaches. With just a couple of days, you might want to spend one day on your favorite out door tour and the second day at the beach and touring historical sites in Nassau such as the Queens Staircase. Be sure to stop at a restaurant on Bay Street for dinner to sample local cuisine.

4-7 Days

With multiple days on the islands you'll have time to do a bit more. If you plan to go to New Providence, take time to tour the Bacardi Distillery and take the historical tour mentioned above. You can also spend more than one day at one of the many beaches located near Nassau.

If you travel to Paradise Island you'll also have plenty to see and do. The Atlantis Casino, Blue Lagoon Island and all of the great water sports you find on the other islands will be waiting for you. Additionally, Paradise Island is considered by many to have the very best nightlife in the Bahamas, so you might want to stop by a bar or club on one of your vacation evenings as well.

7 + Days

If you have a week or more to spend in the islands, you will have some options. In addition to the activities mentioned above, be sure and book an out island trip if you aren't already staying in the out islands. Outer island trips can last anywhere from one day to several and will include beach grills, diving and snorkeling and incredible views of the ocean and marine life. Seeing marine life via a wildlife eco-tour is another great activity for a longer vacation. Andros Island, Abaco Island, and Grand Bahama Island tend to offer the most interesting wildlife tours due to the variety of species and the size of the islands. To book such a tour you can contact a tour company in advance, book a tour with a travel agent, or speak with hotel personnel once you arrive on the island of your choice.

With so much to do in the Bahamas many travelers make a vacation to the Bahamas an annual event to take advantage of the beauty year after year. If you plan to do the same be sure and let your hotel know. Often times hotels in the Bahamas will offer a discount for returning guests. Bahamas travel tips tend to be relaxed to match the attitude of the islands. It is considered polite to make conversation and impolite to pass a stranger on the street without saying hello. The primary language of the islands is English, but you may encounter accents that are difficult to understand for foreigners. You will need your passport both to enter and leave the country; birth certificates no longer suffice. The main currency is the Bahamian dollar, and US residents need not exchange their money as the Bahamian dollar is pegged to the US dollar.

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