Things to do in Freeport

The free-trade zone of Freeport is the Bahamas’ second-largest city, after the country’s capital of Nassau. This is a vibrant and happening city that’s within reach of the warm Pacific Ocean. As such, it's no surprise that the top things to do in Freeport revolve around lolling on the beach by day and partying in the streets by night. Sports and animal-related activities in Freeport Bahamas are also popular, ensuring the town provides for almost all travelers.


Freeport—and, for that matter, the Bahamas in general—is a golfer’s paradise, featuring professional-level courses with lush fairways and fantastic infrastructure. There are two standout courses in Freeport: The Reef, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., and The Lucayan, designed by Dick Wilson. Both are owned and maintained by the high-class (and lengthily named) hotel The Westin and Sheraton Grand Bahama Our Lucaya Resort. A mammoth establishment, it ranks as one of the Freeport attractions in itself.


With the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean lapping at its shoreline, it’s logical that enjoying a boat trip is one of the favored things among visitors to do in Freeport. Such trips can take on many different themes: you can join a group fishing tour, sign up for an island-hopping quick cruise around the Bahamas, or you can simply hire your own boat and take it out to sea of your own accord. Those who charter their own boats tend to use them for scuba diving and snorkeling trips, as the sea life away from the coast here is mesmerizing.

Lucaya Beach

Technically, Lucaya is a separate entity from Freeport. However, the two areas basically appear as one on the map, and many locals even refer to Great Bahama Island’s capital as Freeport/Lucaya. Consequently, joining the hoards and heading down to the awesome Lucaya Beach is still categorized as one of the top activities in Freeport. This is a haven for water sports, and visitors often indulge in Freeport attractions such as parasailing and jet skiing. The area is also a shopping and eating favorite; some of the Bahamas' best shops and dining opportunities can be found only a short walk from the beach itself.

Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins remains one of the top things to do in Freeport year-round. There’s a selection of operators on offer, and they all provide a great and safe experience, for both the humans and the dolphins. This is the sort of adventure that for some travelers ranks with the best life has to offer, and as such it's one of the activities in Freeport that simply can’t be missed.

Lucayan National Park

Freeport attractions include three notable parks: the Rand Nature Center, the Peterson Cay National Park (which is 300 meters out to sea from Freeport), and the Lucayan National Park. The third one of these includes an astounding 300 miles of underwater caves and a chance to see every one of the Bahamas' six eco-systems. In particular, don’t miss the tropical beach and the mangrove swamp. Quite simply, it's an awe-inspiring place.

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