Transportation in Bahamas

Modes for getting to the Bahamas and finding transportation in Bahamas once you have arrived will change depending on where in the Bahamas you are headed. If your final destination is one of the busier areas such as Freeport, Nassau, or Paradise Island you will likely have little travel time from start to finish. If you plan to travel to one of the out islands such as San Salvador, Rum Cay or Long Island you may have to do a little more leg work to get to your final stop.

Nassau is the busiest point of entry for the Bahamas. The Nassau International Airport is a final stop for many travelers and the place to change planes for many others who plan to continue on to one of the quieter islands. Freeport is also a busy port and has the second largest airport in the Bahamas. Most planes will also leave from or connect in Miami, and the flight time from Miami to Nassau is only about 35 minutes. From Nassau, travelers can book a flight to other islands or even take a boat, ferry, or catamaran.

The Bahamas ferry comes in a few varieties. The Bahamas ferry mail boat was for many years the only real way to get to the out islands. While there are good connecting flight options today, the mail boats do still operate. Travelers should note that conditions on these boats can be uncomfortable and take many hours, though they are a great way to save money. There are also a number of Bahamas ferry boats that make trips between islands for transportation in Bahamas.

Once you have arrived at your island of choice you will of course need transportation in Bahamas around the islands. If you are staying at a major resort or one of the tiniest islands or cays, you will not need a Bahamas car rental. Most hotels offer free shuttles to the beach daily and for any tours you book you'll be picked up and dropped off at your hotel by the tour company. If you do plan to do some exploring on your own, however, you may want car rental in the Bahamas for a day or the entire vacation.

Car rental in the Bahamas on the larger and busier islands is fairly convenient. Bahamas car rental is available at all of the major resorts as well as at the Nassau and Freeport airports. Car rental in the Bahamas on the smaller islands is a bit different, however. Bahamas car rental on the out islands is difficult to find and very expensive. In addition, roads on the smaller islands are not in great shape, as many residents do not themselves have cars. On the out islands, many tourists actually choose to rent golf carts instead of cars for getting around. You won't encounter much island traffic in the out islands.

Petrol is expensive on the islands as well, and you should factor this in when deciding whether or not to rent a car. Taxis are also a prevalent force in the islands and you will find that taxis meet all flights into Nassau and Freeport for transportation to hotels. Many hotels will offer free shuttle service to and from the airport, as well.

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