Treasure Cay Hotels

Treasure Cay is a city on the island of Abacos. While there are not very many Treasure Cay hotels to choose from, there are some great Treasure Cay villas and Treasure Cay resorts that can make for an excellent accommodation. As an alternative to a Treasure Cay hotel, there are also a number of condos available for rent from owners that can be a good choice in a pinch. Unlike many other areas like Nassau or Freeport, Treasure Cay hotels experience a boom in business during the month of May. The famous Treasure Cay Billfish Championship is held each year during this month, and many Treasure Cay resorts and Treasure Cay villas will be booked up with fishing enthusiasts. Treasure Cay resorts and Treasure Cay villas will be most expensive during May due to the influx.

Treasure Cay Villa Accommodations

Treasure Cay villa accommodations can be a great way to enjoy the city of Treasure Cay. Villas on the island can be found through travel agents or by researching sites online that specialize in villas in the Bahamas. Due to its somewhat secluded location, Treasure Cay villa accommodations provide privacy and beauty. Tucked back in the trees or along a white sand beach, these private homes can be just like having a summer house in the Bahamas. Almost all such villas will include their own fully stocked kitchen, multiple bedrooms for sleeping, a main living room, and a deck of some sort. Most villas will also have some snorkeling and other water sport equipment located at the house, though you will always need to rent scuba equipment from an actual scuba shop.

Treasure Cay Hotel Accommodations

To book a hotel in Treasure Cay, you will usually need to book early. There are only a handful of hotels located in the area and during busy seasons they can fill up quickly. Particularly during the winter holiday season and in May during fishing season, hotels will be quite expensive and difficult to book. To find the best deals, book early. You can also put together a travel package to try and keep costs down. Take a look at the hotels listed for Treasure Cay and the prices they ask, and then try and beat those prices through a travel agent or even directly through a travel website on your own.

Treasure Cay Condo Accommodations

Since the hotels in Treasure Cay are a bit scarce, travelers during busy times of the year have also taken to renting condos for their stay. Almost all condo rentals will require a three - night minimum stay, and prices can be quite high. Generally guests will pay between $300 and $500 a night for a condo rental, depending on the number of bedrooms in the unit. If you do plan to rent a condo you can find information about booking via condo rental websites for the Bahamas or through the Bahama Beach Club, the company in charge of most condo rentals in the Bahamas.

Whichever sort of accommodation you choose in Treasure Cay, remember to avoid the busy season of May if you aren't an angler, and search around to find the very best deals on hotels, resort, and condos.



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