Versailles Gardens Bahamas

While you may feel that locating inexpensive attractions in the Bahamas can be difficult, one of the most popular garden attractions is completely free of charge and open 24 hours a day. The Versailles Gardens is a lovely addition to any Paradise Island tour, and one of the best free Paradise Island attractions.

The entirety of Paradise Island was once owned by a man named Huntington Hartford, who purchased a set of Cloisters and statues from an estate in California, originally purchased from France and brought them to Versailles Garden in the Bahamas. The pieces did not arrive at the Versailles Garden with any instruction on their original arrangement or set up, and it wasn't until 1962 that Huntington employed Jean Castre-Manne to reassemble the pieces in the Versailles Gardens.

The pieces themselves are a collection of statues and art fragments dating from the twelfth-century. As mentioned above, the arrangement of the pieces themselves throughout the Versailles Gardens may feel a bit random, since they are not necessarily arranged according to their original intentions. The Versailles Gardens also feature some unique flowers and plants, as well as a small temple facing the ocean and a gazebo facing Nassau Harbor that is often used for weddings and other events.

To reach Versailles Gardens, you will need to travel to Paradise Island. The garden is on the eastern part of the Island, about fifteen minutes on foot from the Atlantis Resort. The gardens are located on a piece of property that is now owned by the Ocean Club hotel, but access is not limited to guests of the hotel and this site remains one of the most popular Paradise Island attractions. Before or after taking your Paradise Island tour of the gardens, you will also have time to stroll to the beach or view other Paradise Island attractions.

Other Paradise Island attractions in the area can generally be enjoyed back near the Atlantis Bahamas Resort. Excellent beaches, great fishing, and even beautiful golf courses can be found located all over Paradise Island, and as the Versailles Gardens are only a quick walk from the main area of the island guests will be able to have a day full of touring without having to go too far.

Tours to some of the other great attractions in the Bahamas can also be booked from Paradise Island, and you'll be able to see the popular Nassau Island harbor from the Versailles Garden temple. As one of the only free Paradise Island attractions, the gardens are a must-see for anyone making their stay on Paradise Island.

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