Bahamas Weather

Bahamas weather is pretty predictable on the whole. The temperatures average between 75 and 85 degrees for the year, for example, and there are definite tendencies in relation to humidity and rainfall. Summer is the most humid season, and it is also the wettest. On the other hand, winter is when the humidity is at its lowest, and it is also the driest time of the year.

Summer: Two words can be used to describe Bahamas weather in the summer. Those words are hot and humid. The average highs fall somewhere in the 90-degree range, while the average lows are in the mid-to-low 70's. As far as rainfall is concerned, the summer months in the Bahamas average approximately seven inches. Also worth noting is the fact that summer is part of the Caribbean hurricane season, so travelers who are planning summer visits are encouraged to keep the weather forecast in mind. Thankfully, hurricanes are fairly infrequent in the Bahamas, and modern technology helps to make sure that strong storms don’t take travelers by surprise.

Fall: Fall is also hurricane season in the Bahamas, and much like summer, it gets its fair share of rain. The rain is heaviest in the earlier part of the season and tails off considerably near the end. In relation to temperatures, fall visitors can typically savor daytime highs in the 80's and evening lows in the mid-70's. They can also savor plenty of sunshine. Each month in the Bahamas gets more than 200 hours of sunshine on average.

Winter: The Bahamas weather is quite enjoyable in the winter. The average daytime highs are around 80 degrees, and while it can dip into the 40's or even the 30's on occasion, there has never been a freeze in this island nation. On most winter days, the low temperature is around 63 degrees. As for rainfall, this is the driest season, with average rainfall totals falling around the two-inch mark for each winter month. All told, winter in the Bahamas is similar to late spring in the U.S., and it is the high season for Bahamas travel.

Spring: Spring, much like the other three seasons in the Bahamas, gets its fair share of sunshine and warm days. As such, it can be a fine time to visit. The beaches surely beckon, and it doesn’t hurt that this is the nation’s second-driest season. Also worth highlighting is the fact that spring visitors don’t have to worry about hurricanes. They might concern themselves with partying hordes, however, as the Bahamas is a major spring break destination. As for temperatures, the average highs for the spring months are between 80 and 85 degrees, while the low temps range between the 64 and 73-degree marks.

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