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When To Go to the Bahamas
When To Go to the Bahamas

Deciding when to book Bahamas vacation packages can depend on a number of factors. Like most vacation destinations, the Bahamas has its own busy-season and off-season. The Bahamas, however, are unique in that temperatures only vary about 10 degrees Fahrenheit from summer to winter, and tropical Bahamas vacation packages can be enjoyed all year round. Whether you travel to the Bahamas as a family, for your honeymoon, or any other reason, you may want to consider some weather and pricing factors before booking Bahamas vacation packages.

Weather in the Bahamas is moderate throughout the year, but like all tropical regions the islands do experience a rainy season. For the Bahamas, this rainy season happens in the summer. Even when if it isn't raining on any given day during the summer, days are often quite humid. In the winter temperatures are a bit cooler and drier and the chance of rain is greatly diminished. Due mainly to the weather prices for hotels and other services such as transportation around the island, cruises and flights will be higher. A few major holidays are also celebrated during the winter and prices will spike during the holidays as well.

Although travel during the winter may be appealing if you live in a cold climate and hope to leave the chill behind in favor of the beach, there are some advantages to travel in the summer, as well. Across the board the islands and even the most popular cities such as Nassau and Freeport will be far less crowded. More remote areas like San Salvador, Rum Cay and Long Island will feel nearly deserted. Beaches, pools and tours will offer guests the chance to experience the Bahamas in a relaxed way that usually isn't possible during the busier season.

You will also save quite a lot of money by traveling during the summer. Discounted vacation packages to Bahamas are offered by nearly every hotel and tour company. Discounted vacation packages to Bahamas are also widely available for Bahamas family vacations for both small and large families. If you do decide you want to travel during the winter's busy season, you can still find discounted vacation packages to Bahamas by staying at a villa or condo. Large groups or Bahamas family vacation groups traveling together who split the cost of a beach bungalow will find the best deals.

The Bahamas spring break season is also a popular time to travel. For the most part popular islands and cities like Nassau, Grand Bahama Island and Paradise Island will be crawling with Bahamas spring break participants. In general these participants are students. Some excellent Bahamas spring break deals and packages can be easily located by searching online or contacting a local travel agent. Spring break packages that include food, beverages, day cruises, contests and activities can be found through most travel companies.

Travelers should note that hurricane season lasts from June 1st to the end of November. Hurricanes are not an imminent threat most of the time in the Caribbean, however. Whether you plan to take a Bahamas family vacation or just want to escape for a week or two there really is no bad time to travel to the Bahamas.

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