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Your Barbados airfare will most likely be the most expensive part of taking a vacation to Barbados, but cheap flights to Barbados can be found if you're a flexible traveler. Finding Barbados airfare is easier than it ever has been thanks to all of the airlines offering flights to Barbados at a big savings. For travelers originating from North America, you can jump on Barbados flights and be there within a matter of hours. This is one of the reasons that people from the Midwest living in chilly cities such as Minneapolis and Chicago book Barbados airfare and escape the cold every winter.

Many airlines in the U.S. offer Barbados flights to the country"s only airport, the Sir Grantley Adams International Airport located in Bridgetown. Airlines offering daily service are Continental, American Airlines, and US Airways. Other airlines that fly to Barbados are British Airways, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, Air Jamaica, and British West Indian Airlines. If you're flying from the eastern United States, the best option is to fly from New York. Travelers who are taking flights to Barbados from New York will experience a flight of 5 hours. Travelers flying from Canada are best off traveling on Air Canada from either Toronto or Montreal. The flight time is slightly shorter for Canadian travelers, at around 4 hours from Montreal to Bridgetown Barbados. European travelers can take direct flights to Barbados from London on British Airways. Barbados flights are also regularly scheduled on Virgin Atlantic, but the flight makes a stop in New York. The journey across the Atlantic isn't exactly short. Expect the flight time from London to Bridgetown Barbados to take approximately 7 hours. Flights from Los Angeles take 9 hours.

The best time to look for cheap flights to Barbados is anytime between November and February. Although the mild climate makes Barbados travel enjoyable all year, the high for tourism is in the spring and summer. If you book for in advance and have flexible travel plans, it's possible to find some very cheap flights to Barbados.

Unless you're flying from one of the largest airports in the U.S. and Europe, such as New York, Chicago, or Miami, or London, you may find that a layover at another airport will be a necessary part of flights to Barbados. This is especially true if your travel plans originate from another country. Miami is one of the most common places to have a layover. While having a layover certainly isn't something that travelers look forward to, the good news is that most layovers are less than two hours long.

Even though a Barbados vacation can be expensive, budget travelers frequently find cheap flights to Barbados as well as lodging that is easy on the budget. With some time, patience, and flexibility, you can find a Barbados airfare that meets your budget and time restraints and be on your way to a fun vacation.

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