Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados has an attraction that is even better than a zoo; a huge wildlife reserve featuring hundreds of Caribbean wildlife species. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is siturated in the northern part of St. Peter, just across the street from the Farley Hill National Park. The reserve is also less than a 20 minute drive away from the capital city of Bridgetown. You'll see all kinds of Barbados wildlife roaming or flying freely around the park, including large land turtles, green monkeys, peacocks, Brocket deer, both small and large armadillos, and brightly colored parakeets that live in the Barbados Wildlife Reserve aviary. The only wildlife in Barbados that you won't see freely roaming the park is snakes. You can rest assure that the snakes are kept separate from humans and other animals!

Since the reserve is home to Barbados wildlife in their natural habitats, visitors can spot animals eating, playing, and interacting with other Caribbean wildlife. The Green Monkeys are especially fun to watch. They are commonly seeing swinging from the branches and playing with other monkeys. Stick around for the afternoon feeding time when the monkeys eat fresh fruit and grains. It's hard for most adults to imagine having as much energy as the Green Monkey. They are one of the most active species of wildlife in Barbados. The monkeys are rare in that they are welcome to come and go as they please. Although some of the monkeys leave the reserve in the morning and usually come back to eat in the late afternoon.

Other types of wildlife in Barbados living on the reserves are birds, including peacocks, parrots, and flamingoes. The state of the art aviary is one of the highlights of the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Native species of trees and plants provide the perfect environment for the bird species to live in. The aviary is also home to birds that you might see at home, such as sparrows and pelicans.

The museum is open daily from 10am-5pm. Ticket prices are 23 Barbados dollars for adults (approximately 12 US dollars) and children's admission is half price. Your ticket also includes admission to the Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station, another one of Barbados attractions where you can learn more about Caribbean wildlife and the wildlife in Barbados. Speightstown is the nearest city to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and offers some great shopping and dining venues. Many visitors enjoy eating dinner at Speightstown after touring the reserve.

Since Barbados is such a small country, you could stay almost anywhere on the island and still be a short drive away from the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Many people who wish to spend a day at the reserve stay in St Peter hotels such as Treasure Beach and Europa Resort, located right on the west coast. These hotels are popular with families, honeymooners, as well as people on Barbados tours. St Peter hotels offer the opportunity to be near the wildlife reserve, Bridgetown, the Oistins Fish Fry, and other Barbados attractions.

The chance to see wildlife in Barbados roaming freely around the reserve, without being confined to cages, it what makes the reserve so special. Your entire family will be amazed at the diversity of Barbados wildlife.

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