Barbados Beaches

Visiting a beach in Barbados is a great way to spend a holiday. Whether you want calm waters for swimming and diving or rough waves for surfing, there is a beach in Barbados for you. While Barbados beaches on the west coast are certainly the most popular, the rocky cliffs of southern beaches in Barbados as well as the turbulent waters of the east are worth exploring.

Beaches in Barbados
Beaches in Barbados

The best beaches in Barbados for swimming are located along the west coast of Barbados, commonly referred to as the "Platinum Coast." The area is famous for warm water and gentle currents. Many people stay in a Barbados resort or villa along the Platinum coast or hop from one beach in Barbados to another. While it's hard to say what the best beaches in Barbados are, some favorite Barbados beaches on the west coast include Sandy Lane, Fitts Village, Brandons, Folkestone Park, and Paynes Bay.

The west coast parish of St Peter Barbados has particularly stunning beaches. The calm waters of Mullins and Heywoods beaches are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Snorkelers will experience an array of tropical fish marine life, including fish and sea turtles, just a foot under the surface of the water. For a bite to eat, the Suga Suga Bar and Restaurant on Mullins Beach serves good food and drinks to hungry beachcombers.

Tourism is not as high on Barbados beaches located on the east coast. This is because the waves on the eastern coast are higher, making it more difficult to swim or snorkel. However, the best beaches in Barbados for surfing are located along the east coast. The surf is at its highest in November at the Bathsheba Soup Bowl, known as the finest beach in Barbados for surfing. Visiting the Bathsheba Soup Bowl in November and you can also catch the Independence Classic Surfing Championship, a world renowned surfing competition featuring competitors from all over the world. Surfing on east coast Barbados beaches isn't for the faint of heard. If you have never surfed before it's recommended that you take some lessons before trying to surf a beach in Barbados.

The southwestern beaches of Barbados are known for rocky sandstone cliffs that can rise up to 100 feet in some areas. To access the beaches in these areas, visitors will often need to walk down paths leading to the beach. The cliffs provide a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. It's common for people to host a Barbados wedding on a cliff overlooking the northern beaches in Barbados.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit beaches in Barbados, you can look forward to clear blue water, white sand, and a variety of beach activities.

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