Bridgetown Hotels

Accommodation in Bridgetown, the largest city in Bridgetown, is close to the airport and other Bridgetown attractions. Most hotels in Bridgetown are considered to be high-end, although travelers can find good bargains on Bridgetown lodging during the winter.

The Grand Barbados in Bridgetown is considered to be one of the most elegant of all Bridgetown hotels. Guests will be treated to individualized service as well as large and spacious guest rooms featuring satellite TV, marble floors, and comfortable king sized beds. Outdoor amenities include a tennis court, golf course, and horse back riding facilities. The resort is in Carlisle Bay, one of the best Barbados diving and snorkeling spots. Thousands of fish and other marine species make their home in the wreckage of ships that line Carlisle Bay. The hotel offers daily snorkeling expeditions led by experience divers and snorkelers that can point you to the most interesting places to snorkel.

The Sandy Bay Beach Club is another accommodation option in Barbados that offers a comfortable stay. Like most Bridgetown hotels, this accommodation in Bridgetown is situated right on the beach. There are so many things to do at the Sandy Bay Beach Club, including playing a game of tennis, taking a scuba diving lesson, biking, fishing, and snorkeling. Many of the rooms in this Bridgetown lodging include fully equipped kitchens that allow visitors to save money by making their own meals. If you'd rather not cook, another dining option is the hotel's restaurant. Many hotels in Bridgetown aren't handicap accessible, however the Sandy Bay Beach Club is. Prices range from $250 to $300 per night, not including food.

When searching for Bridgetown lodging, why not consider an all inclusive Barbados resort? The advantage of staying choosing all inclusive Bridgetown lodging is the fact that you can save money by paying one price for luxurious lodging, activities, and food. Instead of worrying about planning every detail of your trip, your family can simply hop on a shuttle to your all inclusive accommodation in Bridgetown and start their vacation right after landing at the airport. One of the most frequently recommended Bridgetown hotels that include amenities is the Crystal Cove. The hotel features unlimited food and drinks, concierge service, complimentary water activities, a gymnasium, and live outdoor entertainment. Prices start at $400 per room.

Hotels in Bridgetown are ideally located right on the ocean and are easily accessible to the Barbados airport and other area attractions. If you want luxury beachside accommodations, Bridgetown hotels are worth looking into.

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