Barbados Nightlife

The Caribbean is known for its fun bars and clubs, and Barbados nightlife is no exception. The country is packed with Barbados music clubs, hopping bars, and packed dance clubs in Barbados that stay open until all hours of night. Other night life in Barbados takes place at festivals and events.

You won't be in Barbados for very long before someone suggests a trip to the Oistins fish fry. The fishing village of Oistins is located on the southern coast of Barbados, convenient to the city of Christ Church. During the day, the village is known as a marketplace for fresh fish, but at night, locals and visitors alike gather at Oistins to indulge in some fresh fish and to drink rum while listening to Caribbean reggae or jazz music. The party starts at around 6:00 every Friday night, although there are people selling fresh mahi mahi, Kingfish, and Marlin nearly all times of day every day. The food costs around 15 Barbados dollars per plate, which is around 7 US dollars. This is a bargain, considering that the vendors completely fill your plate with fresh fish, salad, macaroni, or mixed vegetables.

Although dining in some restaurants in Barbados can be a somewhat formal affair, the Oistins fish fry is a completely casual experience. The experience is so casual that rum is served by the in the typical Barbados fashion-by the bottle. The unique part about the Oistins festival is that the music is geared for both younger people and adults. At one end of the festival is more modern music such as hip hop and R&B, while the other side of the festival plays the classic sounds of Barbados music, such as Caribbean jazz or reggae. No matter what your style is, you'll want to head to Oistins fish fry for some terrific night life in Barbados.

It's no secret that rum is a favorite drink of Barbados locals, so what better way to experience Barbados nightlife than to drink rum in a Barbados bar. If you plan on vacationing in St. James or other west coast destinations, head to the Coach House. This bar features live nightly entertainment that captures the spirit of the laid back lifestyle of Barbados. A more upscale bar in St. James is "Upstairs at Olives." The bar features a tropical setting as well as great food and drinks

Barbados nightlife is also well known for jazz music. Many people like to start their Barbados vacation by a night out on the town at some well-known jazz venues at the capital city of Bridgetown. The Waterfront Café is known for live Barbados music by local artists. The bar often fills up on Saturday nights, so show up early if you want to get a table. Of course, with all of the dancing that takes place at the Waterfront, you probably won't need a table. Not far from the Waterfront café in Bridgetown is the "Boatyard," a hip club located on Bay Street. The club usually attracts a twenty something professional crowd, while other clubs in Barbados often attract younger students.

St. Lawrence Gap, affectionately known as "The Gap" in some circles, is the ultimate destination for Barbados nightlife. "After Dark," is a dance club that is popular with young crowds ranging from 18-25. You can groove to the sounds of soca music, reggae, and calypso. Drinks at "After Dark" are cheaper than most clubs in Barbados, which is good news if you're on a budget.

From discos and reggae music to fish festivals, Barbados nightlife truly has something for everyone.

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