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Barbados has hundred of beautiful flowers that are in bloom all season long. Flower varieties that grow in Barbados include Cattlyeas, Denbrodiums, and rain forest orchids. Although you can get glimpses of these flowers all over Barbados, a visit to Orchid World, also called World of Orchids, makes a great day trip for families and couples.

Orchid World is located on a former farm that takes up 6 acres of scenic Barbados countryside. The Barbados orchids are surrounded by sugar cane and rolling hills which can be seen from Orchid World Barbados.

The 20,000 Barbados flowers at the World of Orchids grow so well because of the condition that they're grown in. Gardeners at Orchid World Barbados use special techniques that allow the orchids to grow without soil, just as they would in a real rainforest. Some of the Barbados orchids appear to be delicately floating in midair.

A trip to the World of Orchids is a truly a feast for the senses. Barbados orchids smell delightful. Besides smelling the orchids and admiring their abundant bright leaves, visitors will enjoy the sound of a tranquil pond and nearby birds.

If you have any questions about Barbados orchids, devoted gardeners will be more than happy to tell you about the flowers at Orchid World. Tending to the orchids is a full time job. Guest will see volunteers and master gardeners caring for the orchids in the morning and the afternoon.

Many people decide to get married at Orchid World in the wedding gazebo. The backdrop of beautiful purple and pink flowers will make any bride's dress stand out. If there isn't a wedding going on, the wedding gazebo offers a perfect vantage point in which to admire the orchids. There are handicap accessible walking paths all over the garden, so feel free to take a stroll and admire the flowers at your own pace. A self guided walking tour will bring you by a waterfall, several orchid houses, as well as the spectacular Schomburgkia, a bright orchid that only blooms once per year. If you find that the sun is too bright, umbrellas are available at the ticket stand. Benches are located throughout Orchid World.

Many students and artists enjoy sitting on the benches for hours sketching and painting the orchids when they are in full bloom.

Orchid World Barbados is located right in the middle of the island of Barbados, between St. John's church and Gun Hill on Highway 3B. The World of Orchids is open every day of the week; from 9 am to 5pm. Admission is $10 for adults.

Be sure to check out the gift shop and on site bar and restaurant on your way out. The gift shop is the perfect place to pick up photographic prints of orchids or post cards.

Orchid World

Orchid World

Barbados has hundred of beautiful flowers that are in bloom all season lon...

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