St Peter Barbados

St Peter Barbados is a parish that stretches across the northern part of Barbados. It stretches all the way from the west coast to the east. There are many things to do on a St Peter vacation, including visiting the beaches on the west coast to do some snorkeling and diving and shopping in Speightstown, the second larges town in Barbados. A St Peter tour will bring you through the lovely churches that were built in the mid 16th century.

On the west coast of St Peter Barbados you will find some of the most stunning beaches in Barbados—the Mullins and Heywoods Beaches. No St Peter travel experience is complete without experiencing the calm waters of the beaches that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Snorkelers will experience an array of tropical fish marine life, including fish and sea turtles, just a foot under the surface of the water. For a bite to eat, stop by the Suga Suga Bar and Restaurant on Mullins Beach. The restaurant serves light fare such as sandwiches and salads. The beaches in St. Peter can be accessed by car or by bus.

The main town of Speightstown is one St Peter travel destination worth checking out. The town was once a busy port for ships but today is far more relaxed. History buffs will appreciate the historical buildings on Orange Street and Queen Street. A great activity for a weekend afternoon is to bike through the streets of Speightstown and view all of the colonial homes, such as the Arlington house. The town is particularly busy during the weekends when locals and tourists do their shopping and check out St. Peter tourist attractions. If you like art, be sure to check out the Gallery of Caribbean Art. The gallery displays the bright and colorful paintings of modern Caribbean artists as well as artists who lived in the past. The gallery is open all week and is a popular stopping point for St Peter tour groups.

If you're looking for lodging around St Peter Barbados, the parish is full of Barbados luxury resorts and villas, such as the four star Almond Beach Villa. This resort is located right on the coast and features upscale amenities including spacious rooms with internet access, delicious dining options, and nine pools. The hotel is perfect for sports such as diving and snorkeling. Rooms usually range from $200 to $500 per night, but prices depend on the season of travel. Travelers can expect lower prices in the winter when less people take a St Peter vacation.

A St Peter tour will reveal some of Barbados best assets such as beautiful beaches, history, and fantastic shopping opportunities. Whether you're planning an extravagant wedding or simply want a last minute vacation St Peter vacation, St Peter travel is well worth considering.

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