Barbados Car Rentals

Barbados transportation gives travelers many options in which to travel the island. One of the most popular ways to get around is by Barbados car rentals. A variety of car rentals in Barbados gives you the opportunity to choose a car rental company that meets your needs and price range. If you're travels will take you to other parts of the Caribbean, a Barbados ferry will bring you to other islands safely and conveniently.

A Barbados car hire is a good option for the independent traveler who wants the freedom that a car rental can provide. You can obtain a car rental in the capital city of Bridgetown near the airport. Although you won't find major brands that you may be familiar with in your own country, there are many reputable smaller companies for Barbados car rentals. The driving conditions in Barbados are in decent shape compared to many other countries in the Caribbean, therefore most people rent a standard compact or subcompact car. However, if an SUV is a vehicle you're familiar with, car rentals in Barbados can accommodate you. A Barbados car hire can cost anywhere from $20-$50 per day, depending on the model of car you're renting. The only thing you will need for car rentals in Barbados is a driver's license issued by your home country. Once you get out on the road, remember that Barbados traffic keeps to the left side of the road!

If you'd rather not do any driving on your Barbados vacation, a small bus called a "ZR" departs from cities throughout Barbados and makes stops all over the island. Most visitors begin their journey on the ZR in the cities or Bridgetown, St. James, or Speightstown, although you can catch the bus anywhere. At Brbos $1.50 per ride, the ZR is a good alternative to a Barbados car hire. Even though they can be crowded at times, the ZR is a great way to see the island.

If you have some time to spare and want to see some of the islands that lay just west of Barbados, you may want to consider taking a Barbados ferry. Many people like taking a Barbados ferry because of the relaxing atmosphere they can provide. Some ferries have modern amenities and cabin attendants who serve food and drinks, while other accommodations are more rudimentary. Most Barbados ferry ports depart from Bridgetown or St. James and cost around $110 each way. Since the weather in the Caribbean can be quite unpredictable, it's best to have alternate transportation plans incase your Barbados ferry service is cancelled due to weather. Check with the ferry service ahead of time to see what their policies are on rain checks.

However you decide to spend your vacation in Barbados, rest assure there are many transportation options to fit your needs. From Barbados car rentals, to a relaxing ferry ride, Barbados has your transportation needs covered.

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